How to Get 1000 Stack Mobile Legends Cecilion, Mage Sick in ML!

Cecilion is a mage hero in Mobile Legends who is a typical hero stack damage. With his stack it makes Cecilion even more damage from his attacks. The basic game of Cecilion’s hero in Mobile Legends is almost the same as Aldous. Well, this time we have a discussion about how to get 1000 Stack Mobile Legends Cecilion which can make this mage even more sick.

To play Cecilion itself can be said to be quite difficult because you have to be smart in setting the right position to launch one skill, if it fits on the target, the resulting damage will be maximal.

On this occasion we will provide an explanation of how to get a Cecilion stack of up to 1000 Stack Mobile Legends. For those of you who are curious and want to know how to collect these things for Cecilion in Mobile Legends. You can just read the full explanation below properly and correctly so that you understand and can apply it!

How to Get Cecilion Stack Up to 1000 Stack in Mobile Legends

Attacking Minions to Get Two Stacks

To collect Cecilion’s hero stack is quite easy because only dealing damage with his skills can get a stack. For the one skill, if it hits the target, Cecilion will get two stacks and if it is not on target, the stack that will be obtained is only one stack.

For the two skills, you can get two stacks when the target is right and only get one stack when the skill is not right. You can do this continuously but it is not very effective if you only use minions. Take advantage of other things too so that your stack increases.

Attacking Jungle Monsters to Get Two Stacks

Attacking the Moble Legends jungle monster with its skills can also add a stack of two stacks. Two stacks are obtained if the skill used to strike fits the target position. If it doesn’t fit, the stack you get will only amount to one stack. Playing Cecilion in Mobile Legends must be able to adjust the position in such a way as to get the maximum number of stacks.

Attacking Enemy Heroes to Get Two Stack in Mobile Legends Cecilion

Attacking and even killing enemy heroes, Cecilion’s hero in Mobile Legends only gets two stacks of each attack skill right at the position of the opponent’s hero.

If you are only hit by shards, the skill will only get one stack. This is what becomes a difficulty for Cecilion users because they have to adjust their position properly and correctly to get the maximum in the mobile legends game.

Attacking with the Ultimate Skill will Get Sixteen Stacks

The quick way to get Cecilion’s hero stack is to use his ultimate skill. His ultimate skill can provide a stack of sixteen stacks when used on minions, jungle monsters, and when attacking enemies. His ultimate skill can also regenerate lost HP.

To get 1000 stacks you have to set the right position when issuing skills and have to spam the ultimate skill often to get the stack quickly. You also have to play for 30 minutes and above to get 1000 Stack in a gameplay in Mobile Legends.

How to Get 1Stack Mobile Legends Cecilion?

to get it you can do things related to kills and also don’t forget to optimize kill on objectives, minions, and finally on your enemy’s kill heroes. Also, make sure to get your ultimate right in order to get a lot of these mobile legends cecilion stacks

So that’s an explanation of how to get the Cecilion stack up to 1000 Stack Mobile Legends that we have discussed. Hopefully this is useful and can be a good reference source for all of you. Make sure to position yourself well and often spam the ultimate skills so that Cecilion’s stack can be collected quickly!