How to get 500 Diamond Mobile Legends for free from the Lazada event

How to get 500 free Mobile Legends diamonds from the Lazada event. With this latest Lazada event, you will have the opportunity to get 500 diamonds for free every day. The method is quite easy because you only need to complete the tasks given by Lazada to get points that can be exchanged later.

By following the easy method at this event, you can get a lot of benefits that you can enjoy later. Collect points in the event and immediately exchange them for diamonds or other prizes that you want. Therefore, you must take part in this Lazada event if you are a Mobile Legends player.

The method you need to do is also quite easy. Only by following the method at the event, you can immediately redeem prizes that day. This event runs every wave and is reset every day. So you have to be fast and active to get lots of prizes here.

Here we will give you how to get 500 free Mobile Legends diamonds at the Lazada event. Easy enough for you to follow and of course absolutely mandatory. Many prizes are waiting for you and it is easy for anyone to follow.

How to get 500 Diamond Mobile Legends

With the ongoing event at Lazada, you can have the opportunity to win up to 500 diamonds every day. The method is also quite easy and simple because everyone can follow it. The most important thing is that you have to have an account and install the Lazada apk on your cellphone.

By having an account and apk, you just have to follow the easy steps. You can access all the information during the Lazada event which you can open in the application. It’s quite easy because it only shares the link.

500 Diamonds Every Day

First, make sure you have a Lazada account and Lazada apk on your Android phone. If you don’t exist yet, immediately create and download and install the application. Later events will require both.

Then you just have to open the Lazada application and access the event page Lazada Pocket Share who is there. Later the event page will open immediately and you can immediately follow all the methods in it. It’s not that complicated.

After you enter the event page, you just have to copy or click share each other’s link. Later you will be asked for other people to click on your link. We recommend that you share your link to communities, groups, or social media. The more clicks, the more your points will be rewarded.

Remember that the event will reset every day so invite and ask everyone to click on your link and create a Lazada account. Every day you will get up to 150,000 Lazada Points. You can use Lazada points on Lazada to exchange or buy goods. So every day you can get 500 diamonds in Mobile Legends from these points. We recommend that you use these points to buy diamonds on Lazada or exchange them for funds, OVO, or other payment media.

That’s how to get 500 diamonds in Mobile Legends which is quite easy. Only by participating in the Lazada event you can get lots of prizes. Of course, you have to be fast and active.

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