How to Get FF Tickets and Anniversary Free Fire Tokens

At the Free Fire Anniversary Event this time, you will be asked to complete a mission and you will also be asked to collect an FF Ticket and Free Fire Anniversary Token which will be used as a way to exchange attractive prizes on this Free Fire Anniversary. Then, how do you get FF Tickets and Free Fire Anniversary Tokens?

You will get pretty good prizes, you can get an Emote, Weapon Crate and you can even get credit totaling 3 billion.

You will have the opportunity to get these tokens by playing. You will also be excited because the gifts provided by Free Fire are pretty good, even very good prizes. In this event, it is guaranteed that you will not be bored when you are playing Free Fire. Because you play will get prizes.

How do you get the FF Ticket and Free Fire Anniversary Token? See the following explanation

How to Get FF Tickets and Anniversary Free Fire Tokens

In this event, there are two cake tokens that you can collect. From 18 August to 26 August Cheese Cake tokens are available in the game. You can get the Cake Token Cake in the battle arena because these Tokens are scattered throughout the Free Fire Battle Arena. Be it the Bermuda map or the Maddog map.

For Blueberry Cake, the token is not currently available in this Free Fire game. This cake token will be available on 25 August – 26 August 2019, which is the peak day of the event. Therefore, you can only exchange two gifts at this time, namely Anniversary Relic and Anniversary Bag. The following are some of the prizes that you can exchange at the event.

  • 30 Cheesecake Tokens + 10 Blueberry Cake Tokens = Emote Party Dance (1 time exchange limit)
  • 10 Blueberry Cake Tokens = Famas Metalic Wepon Loot Crate (limit to exchange 5 times)
  • 30 Cheesecake Token = Anniversary Bag (1 time redemption limit)
  • 6 Cheesecake Tokens = Anniversary Relic (6 times redemption limit)

Get FF Ticket and Anniversary Free Fire Token

In addition to the mission to collect Cheese Cake and Blueberry Cake Tokens, the Anniversary Free Fire Event also presents an event that has a large number of prizes too. You can also bring tickets at the game event which you can use for spinning at the 3 Billion Free Fire Toll Party Event. Way to get ticket is very easy and not difficult at all, you can get tickets in an easy way.

When you have played as many times 2 times, then you deserve 1 ticket. If you play as many games 5 times, you will get 1 ticket and 3 ticket royale. For you to play in one day as much 10 times, you deserve 1 ticket and anniversary board G.. You will also get 4 tickets and meow pet when you guys do Pre – Register . Don’t forget to melAkukan Cumulative Login 1 – 4 days with a total of 4 FF tickets.

After you have collected the Tickets, you can Spin. If you are lucky. You can get Moco Character prizes, Weapon Loot and Credit Vouchers of 100,000 Rupiah as shown above.

What do you think about this event? Isn’t that interesting? Don’t Forget to Collect FF Tickets and Anniversary Free Fire Tokens!


I prefer to play free fire with friends rather than solo push rank. Because he keeps losing and also likes trolling squad mates