How to Get Free Magic Cube Free Fire (FF) in 2021

This time there is a Way to Get the Latest Free Fire Magic Cube FF that you can do.

As we know, the Free Fire game is quite popular until now. In fact, it has become one of the best Battle Royale games, in 2019 yesterday. The total downloads that have played this game have reached more than 100 million players from all over the world. With a total like this, of course it proves that the Free Fire game is quite popular.

This game is well published by Garena, so it is only natural that the updates given are quite good and interesting. Not only that, the events that have been presented by Garena free fire are quite good and have resulted in lots of other interesting prizes.

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This game is presented with a fairly simple appearance and graphics, although simple but the excitement that is presented is quite good and very interesting. For now, the Free Fire game can still be played on Potatoes.

So naturally, if this game is quite busy played by many people from all over the world. Free Fire already has many interesting features, even all of these features can be used to make it easier for you to win in matches.

There are even features, which can give you a skin bundle which is quite rare. This feature is the Magic Cube, which is a payment tool that can be used in the Free Fire Magic Shop.

Of course everyone will want to get this item, to be used later in the Magic Shop. Magic Cube items are quite rare, so it’s quite difficult for you to get them.

Now on this occasion we will provide some of the latest information on how to get Magic Cube free fire for free and FF players must know.

By having a magic cube you will get a special and good bundle compared to the regular bundle without the magic cube. Well, here’s how to get magic cube ff for free

Using the Diamond Royale Feature

The first way that FF players can do to get a free Magic Cube is to follow the diamond royale free fire (FF). With this event, FF players have the opportunity to get prizes in the form of skin diamond royale, permanent weapons, to the Fragment Magic Cube free fire

Diamond Royale is a spin feature that awards lots of interesting items, even a Magic Cube. But to do this Spin, you need a Diamond. Maybe some of you are thinking, why can Diamond Royale free fire give Free Magic Cube? Then, how do you get free magic cube ff from this diamond royale free fire?

Besides using Diamond, you can also use the Diamond Royale Ticket. It has the same function as diamond, where you can use this item to spin this feature. If lucky, you can get a Magic Cube.

Collecting Magic Cube Fragments From the Elite Pass

If you become a free fire Elite Pass member in that season, of course you can get lots of attractive prizes equal to 10 thousand Diamonds. Now in this Elite Pass, there is a Magic Cube Fragment which is very useful.

You can get 10 Magic Cube Fragments, so that later they can be exchanged for 1 Magic Cube. Of course to exchange this Fragment, you have to collect up to 100 first. After that, then you can exchange 1 whole Magic Cube.

Joining the Latest Free Fire Event

How to get the last Free Fire Magic Cube by going through the FF Event, usually Garena will present cool events to get a Magic Cube.

Whether it’s paid or free, you can try and play everything in this Free Fire game. Yesterday we also had the Magic Royale ff event, where you have to use Diamonds to Spin in the event. The prizes that can be obtained are also interesting, from Magic Cube and Magic Fragment.

And there are many other prizes that you can get. Currently Garena Free Fire is also holding an event that provides free magic cube FF. The event is called the Hell Cook Free Fire 2020 Event. So what are you waiting for?

In addition, you must also have a free magic cube FF event which we have summarized in 5 free magic cube free fire events. By knowing the event, you can know how to get a free ff magic cube which you have to complete the mission in that event

Redeem Code for Magic Cube Free fire

The redeem free fire code has many functions apart from getting a good free fire bundle or event item. You can get magic cube fragments or complete magic cube fragments for free with this redeem code.

Well, this is the last way to get FF free magic cube which you can use to exchange cool bundles or good items in free fire. So, hurry up for the redeem free fire code right now!

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Alternative Ways to Get Free Magic Cube FF on Free Fire

Garena Free Fire has provided several ways you can get Magic Cube items. One of the ways that you can do to get this item is by spinning Diamond Royale and this also depends on your luck.

Not only that, but how to get a free Magic Cube FF on Free Fire by buying an Elite Pass. In this Elite Pass, there is a white box inside which contains various attractive prizes. If you are lucky, just opening it once allows you to get a Magic Cube.

However, recently Garena Free Fire has provided the latest information to be able to get a Magic Cube by launching an item into the Free Fire game. This item is called the Fragment Magic Cube.

This one item is not a familiar item, because this Magic Cube Fragment has often been launched into the game, but only in certain events.

Just like in the event, if you have a certain number of Magic Cube Fragments, you can also exchange them for a Magic Cube.

How to Get a Free Magic Cube Fragment on Free Fire

At this time, there are only 2 ways that you can do to get the Magic Cube Fragment, namely by buying an Elite Pass or spinning the Diamond Royale.

You can get 10 Free Magic Cube Free Fire Fragments November as one of the Elite Pass prizes after reaching 170 Badges.

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If you are lucky, you can also get 5 Magic Cube Fragments by spinning Diamond Royale.

Not only that, if you spin up to 5 times, 10 times, 25 times and 50 times, then you will also get the Free November Free Fire Magic Cube Fragment as a prize for the Weekly Total Spin.

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No need to worry, you don’t need to use Diamonds to Spin Diamond Royale. You can also take advantage of the Diamond Royale Ticket on the FF Token to make it even more economical later.

Those are some Ways to Get a Free Magic Cube FF or a Magic Cube Fragment. Will you immediately try the following methods? Good luck.

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