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Mobile Legends is a game that is currently being played by Indonesian players, in this game there is a rank which is a Toxic player. Especially in the Epic Rank in Mobile Legends, there are lots of Toxic players that you can find. In this time we will provide a way to get out of Toxic Rank in the Mobile Legends game.

Epic Rank itself has many names, starting from Toxic Rank, Hell Tier and many others, Rank one is also very difficult to conquer, even Pro Players will have difficulty playing Solo on Epic Rank in Mobile Legends. The reason itself is quite clear that in the game there are lots of players, AFK, Noob, Toxic and others.

The following are tips to get out from toxic mobile legends rank ML players should know:

1. Using Meta Hero

Using Meta heroes can help you get out of the toxic rank a little. By understanding how to play meta heroes, you will easily win the game. Meta heroes have several advantages that can help you get rid of toxic players.

2. Play as often as possible

Play as often as possible to increase your rank. Besides that, you can also share your skills every time you play. Playing well and correctly will make your skills increase.

3. Play at the right time

Play games at night. It is certain that most toxic players are still kids players. therefore avoid playing during the day, because it is when the time kid playing the game.

Many kid players are quite problematic, for example afk, lagging and forcing to play, better, play at night or early morning, at that hour you will play with adult players.

4. learn Other Role

Learning other roles will really help you to play effectively and of course win the game. Currently there are many who need a tanker role, besides that the tankers themselves can be an encouragement to play and have an important role in the course of the game, therefore don’t just play as a core, you must also be required to play other roles.

So, those are the ways to get out from toxic rank. Hopefully the above reviews can be useful especially for those of you who are Mobile Legends players.

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