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Well, this time there is a way to get Party Box VPN Mobile Legends (ML) tokens that you can use. Mobile Legends now has Christmas and year-end events. There is an event that requires you to complete missions and log in, so you can get tokens. Not only that, there are several missions that you can complete, by buying diamonds to get tokens to get free skins.

Of course, there will be lots of prizes and missions that you can complete, in order to get free gifts from Mobile Legends itself. Some events do not require you to buy Diamonds.

With so many events like this, of course the existing events make players feel more comfortable playing Mobile Legends. With this event, it is possible to attract new players or old players who have not played for a long time.

Some say that this event party box can give you up to 3 free skins using a VPN. By using this VPN, you can get 1 to 3 skins for free.

Party Box Token From VPN

Token party box is one of the Christmas events in Mobile Legends, which requires you to pre-order to get the skin the next day. Several events such as login and top up also exist, to give you additional benefits.

In this event, many asked whether they could use a VPN, like during the KoF event or not. Because, the events given are more or less similar. You only need to switch servers, and you will get additional tokens.

If you are curious, you can try using the method to get the mobile legends (ML) party box token below:

  1. First you download an existing VPN, it is recommended to use one you trust.
  2. After that, you use the VPN and connect to other countries like Brazil.
  3. After you connect to Brazil, you can enter Mobile Legends and connect to the Brazilian server, not Indonesia.
  4. When you enter, you can reclaim the token and give you an additional draw to get a free skin.

Of course, this way to get Party Box VPN Mobile Legends (ML) tokens is not safe for your account, because it could be that the KoF incident will repeat itself again. However, you don’t need to worry about this, because you can no longer use this method again.

This has been tried before, and it turns out that even if you go to another server you can’t get the token back. Because, Moonton already knew this was happening, and made several changes regarding this one event.

Events such as logging in, topping up, and using diamonds can only be used once. Even if you switch servers or use a VPN, you can’t take back the free skins on other servers.

If you can do this method, you may get banned or a diamond minus. So, before you do that, it’s a good idea to think back and attend the event normally.

That’s the info about the Party Box Token from VPN, which you should know. It’s good for you to follow this one event honestly. You will get nothing if you use a VPN. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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