How to Get Purple Free Fire (FF) Waggor Skin

The Free Fire game until now has provided a lot of fun, as well as interesting events that we can participate in later as well. Especially those who are present now, if indeed Mr Waggor’s purple Pet Skin is present in the next event which is very useful. Of course with that, you can definitely make the appearance of this Pet even better and exist in the game.

For later events that will be presented in the Free Fire game, of course, attract the attention of many players. Because indeed this always provides benefits, and we also know about the Latest Free Fire Event in October next December. That way you are sure, can get lots of cool and attractive prizes to use.

Don’t forget that for example now, there is a new leak for the next event. Because indeed from all of that, surely we have to follow it. Curious? just take a look below.

Skin Pet Mr Waggor Purpler Free Fire

The events that are presented in this game are indeed one of the best things for us to experience later too. Of course that way we will later, have to try all the latest things too. Because when there is the latest news, where can you get Mr Waggor’s Pet Skin from the next event in the Free Fire game.

Mr. Waggor is one of the Pet who has just arrived, into this Free Fire game. Where he has good strength, and is a cool one to try. Know that Free Fire’s Best Pet is one of the things you need to use later. Especially just now, the skin from the pet will be presented for free too.

Yesterday we also discussed a new thing, where it has to do with the Skin Pet Mr. Waggor Top Up which will be present in the game as well. Of course in this way you need to know that for example the event, it will actually be presented too. In this event, you will be able to find out many other things and have fun in this event.

Direct Top Up 300 Diamond!

For the latest leak, received information that if you want to get this Skin, you have to fill in the Diamond first. The total diamonds may also change, but if you leak it, you have to be able to Top Up up to 300 Diamonds first. In order to get this cool Mr Waggor Pet Skin, for the future too.

Besides that, you can also get 3 Free Fire Diamond Tickets, when you only do 1 Diamond Top Up. You also need to know that Mr Waggor’s Pet is in the Free Fire Shop, those of you who want to get the Skin, don’t forget to get the Pet first.

There is no news yet when this Skin will be presented for free, but in the past we had the opportunity to take part in the Mr Waggor Pet Top Up Event which is no longer there. So for now, you just have to wait for the top up event of the skin pet.

You can also read the Information on Japanese Themes and Robots Most Liked by Free Fire Players, because later there will indeed be more events like that. So for now, don’t forget all these new things, so that later you can play better in the future too.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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