How to Get Rare Skins for Free on PUBG Mobile!

We already know that the PUBG Mobile game is one of the Battle Royale games that are currently being loved by gamers in Indonesia. One of the interesting things about this one game is the presence of many interesting skins such as skins for clothes, weapons, vehicles and there are also skins that are categorized as rare skins. So here’s how to get rare skins on PUBG Mobile.

Tencent Games, which is the developer of PUBG Mobile, offers one of the rare items in the Royale ass game or in a chest where you need US to get the item.

This method is one way for those of you who want to get free bitem in the PUBG Mobile game where Tencent Games is trying to present a new limited partnership with one of the companies that sells UC.

Then, Tencent Game rewards players with a rare skin item that you can only get for a certain period.

How to Get Rare Skins for Free on PUBG Mobile!

You can only get this rare skin during the PUBG Mobile partnership with Midasbuy, where Midasbuy itself is an exclusive partner who is currently offering various promotions for players to claim a skin set from Cool Cat worth 200 UC for free.

The method itself is quite easy. You can get this rare skin for free with the following steps.

Visit the Midasbuy Page

First, you can visit the official Midasbuy website which is one of the PUBG Mobile partners. You can only get this promotion by registering on the website and later every person who registers will be randomized to get a prize.

Register With Email

Next, please register by creating a new account, either using Gmail or with a Facebook account. Oh yeah, don’t forget if you register with Facebook, enter your email too. The problem is the prize will be sent via email.

Link Your PUGM Account on the Site

Then you will be asked to link your PUBG Mobile account on the website. Do whatever is given by Midasbuy to finish.

Don’t worry, your account will be safe, Midasbuy itself is an Official partner of PUBG Mobile.

Wait for Prize Notification

Done, you only need to wait for notification from Midasbuy to get this Rare Free Skin on PUBG Mobile, the winner itself will be announced via your email, but for the lucky ones.

Later Midasbuy will make a random selection for whoever will be the winner.


Prize Information

For the prize itself, you will be given a rare skin set, the Cool Cat PUBG Mobile skin, which is given for free. Besides skin, you will also be given 200 UC for free.

Now that’s the only way to get a rare skin on PUBG Mobile where there will be a 200 UC prize and also a Cool Cat skin which is a rare skin that you can only get for a limited time.

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