How to Get Skin and Hero Rafaela Season 18 for Free Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is a MOBA game that always presents various events in it. One of the events that is present can give you the Rafaela hero for free at the same time we will also give you the knowledge of Rafaela’s skin for free in Mobile Legends on reset season 19 mobile legends. Curious?

Of course you can get a set of heroes and skins for Rafaela for free if you take part in this one event. But for those of you who already have Rafaela’s hero before. If you get the hero in this event, you can get additional Battle Points to buy other heroes in Mobile Legends.

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide a way to get Rafaela’s skin and hero for free in the Mobile Legends game. Now for those of you who are curious how to get it. Check out the full review below.

How to get free Rafaela heroes in Mobile Legends

First, to get the Rafaela hero for free, you can take part in the Angel Gift Event that is present in the Mobile Legends game. This one event will give you one draw for free and depending on your luck you can get Rafaela’s hero for free.

In the Angel Gift event, there are two stages that you can participate in, namely the Choice and Endeavor stages. In the Choice stage, you can do a stay draw as mentioned above. And then for Stage Endeavor you can get various attractive prizes to get.

In the stage, Endeavor certainly has interesting prizes. You can clear the stage and collect Jigsaw. In this event, you can play with friends, log in, and others. Collect Jigsaw in 7 days and get other interesting prizes.

How to get free Rafaela skin in Mobile Legends

Not only heroes are given free. You can also get free skins for the Rafaela hero easily. Which you already know. At the end of this season you will get a seasonal gift which includes the skin hero Rafaela Star Claser.

To get Rafaela’s skin, you only need to wait for the end of season 18 and reset to season 19 mobile legends. The skin will be given free of charge to players who have managed to reach the master rank up to Mythic in season 18 of Mobile Legends.

To get the two prizes above is certainly a very easy thing. You only need to play the Mobile Legends game and can get various kinds of prizes that are given. If you already have a Rafaela hero, you only need to wait for the Season skin prize and play it in Mobile Legends.

Now that’s the way to get Rafaela’s skin and hero for free in the Mobile Legends game. Hopefully the reviews above can be useful for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers. Look forward to other interesting information. Stay tuned!