How to get the special FF Panda Skin Booyah Day Mabar Free Fire

Don’t miss the Skin Pet Panda FF, the special Booyah event in Free Fire, this is a pretty good and very interesting event. Of course that way you certainly won’t forget to be able to try and feel all of this. Because indeed from the event presented, it will definitely give a quite satisfying sensation.

Especially you really have to always update this Free Fire game, so we can know what will be coming here. Especially you also know the Leaks of the Free Fire Special Booyah Event, which reportedly will be present in Indonesia and the prize is DJ Alok. But even so, now we try it first, what events are currently present and can be completed.

Maybe all of that will be one of the best events, so we can experience it now. Listen directly to the article below too.

Special FF Panda Pet Skin Booyah Mabar Event on Free Fire

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So later on the latest mission event now, we will get one Pet Panda Skin by means of Mabar or Play together. By doing missions like this, you and your friends will also get the same benefits. Maybe in the latest event today, we shouldn’t miss it because it is quite profitable.

The missions in this event must be completed with friends, so you can play together in any mode. So that later the mission events that are present now can be completed easily. Because only in a few times, we will automatically get the prizes that will be presented at the event later.

The skin gift from Pet Panda Free Fire right now is definitely not to be missed. Because the skin from Pet panda is also pretty good and deadly when used the same way. Even though this skin will not add stats at all, if we make the pet cooler and Panda is also happy with it.

Get It Now!

yt / kulgar

This mission is presented specifically on Booyah Day, so you shouldn’t forget to complete the Mabar mission at the latest event now. Because of this event, the prizes given must be pretty good and this is interesting for us to get. There are still many other things, not just the Pet Panda Skin, but there are various items here.

There are still many other mission events that we can complete from here. After all, you also need to try the Booyah Free Fire Leaderboard Event right now. That way, the prizes that will be obtained in the event will make you even cooler when playing and fighting the enemies in the match later too.

So for the Latest Panda Skin pet Event, you must be able to immediately complete the mission from the latest event right now. Because of this, the gifts given are quite profitable.

Various events are present now, you can also read How to Get the existing Free Fire Crown Tokens. That way, you certainly won’t be short of cool and interesting prizes, if you take part in all the new things in this new event. That way, try all prizes like this too, it will really benefit us players who are still playing.