How to Obtain Scarf Token Free Fire (FF)

Free Fire is a really popular battle royale game with millions of active players worldwide. Garena always offer the players many features and update every time. Some of the main features are weapons and characters. Other than that, in Free Fire, there is a token feature that you can use in order to claim some prizes right away. You need to gather some certain amount of token, in order to get some prizes. The prizes you get is according to your amount and type of token. So here we have some tips on how to obtain a scarf token in Free Fire.

How to Obtain Scarf Token Free Fire (FF)

  1. The first thing that you can do in order to obtain the scarf token is to enter the shop. Because the shop is really important for you to access the things to get your token.
  2. Then in the recommendation option, try to find the Buff Mask Box to get your scarf token Free Fire. If you’re not finding one, then you can check in the Crate section. If you don’t find one, then the event is already over.
  3. If you find one, prepare 25 diamonds to purchase 1 Box. It’s quite cheap and you will not lose that much of a diamond if you purchase this thing.
  4. Once you purchase this box item, Exit the shop. Then you can enter the vault to access the place where you keep all of your prizes and items.
  5. After you enter the crate, then you can open the box that you purchase back in the shop. If you’re lucky enough, you can get the main prize right away. But if not, you can still get a token with a considerably huge amount.

The way to obtain the scarf token that we explain above is really effective to try. So try to follow these following steps. Because the scarf token is important for you to get more items in the game.

This token conversion is actually available for a long time. So you can try to do these things in order to get more prizes with this token. Make sure that you have enough token to get the prize that you want.

And that’s some tips on how to obtain the Free Fire scarf token that you need to know. Be sure to follow esportsku on Instagram for more tips to come!