How to Open the Domain Of Forgery Genshin Impact

For those of you Genshin Impact players who might have gone far enough in the game, they will definitely need stronger weapons. But unfortunately to make your weapons strong you have to go through ascension. How to open the Domain of Forgery will certainly help you collect material.

Collecting materials for your weapons is certainly not easy, especially when it is still a small level and there are not many open areas. The best way to get your weapon’s material ascension is through the Domain of Forgery. This domain offers a lot of material which is certainly useful.

For those of you who have weapons ready to ascend, of course, you must immediately farm in this domain. Opening and getting access to the Domain of Forgery is also not difficult, even in the early ARs like AR 16 you already have access to this one Domain for your account.

Here, let’s discuss how to open the Domain of Forgery Genshin Impact, which is of course important for you to explore. Having the best weapon in Genshin Impact is not enough because if you haven’t maximized it through level and ascend. Therefore the Domain of Forgery will be important for you to farm.

How to Open a Domain of Forgery

For those of you who need materials to ascend, you must farm in the Domain of Forgery. Based on my playing experience, You can visit one of these two Domains that are scattered in the game. Cecilia Garden and Hidden Palace are places that provide the Domain of Forgery at Genshin Impact.

The closest thing to you is the Cecilia Garden which is located in Mondstadt. For those of you who want to come here, you will use a very close waypoint, which is near Wolvendom. But you must first open the seal in this Domain.

You have to find 4 wandering spirits around this area and guide them to their respective places. It is not too difficult considering their position only in these areas. After you collect them, you can enter the gate.

Second is the Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula. You can enter this domain at Mingyun Village in Liyue. Just come and you can immediately enter the Domain of Forgery in this area.

Both of these Domains are very consistent for you to use. With this good choice, of course you can immediately ascend your weapons quickly, just try to focus on this domain if you want to quickly raise the ascend level of your weapons in Geshin Impact.

Depending on the day of the week, this Domain also offers different areas. Your goal in entering this particular day is that the rewards offered will be different, there are unique materials.

Each time AR increases (AR 16, 21, 30, and 40, for Levels I, II, III, and IV) then there will be a new level for the domain that you can enter. Each level offers different materials from those common in AR 16 and up to rare in AR 40.

That’s how to open the Domain of Forgery which will be very useful for those of you who need ascend material. It is very important when you get rare weapons for your character. also follow our social media on Instagram.