How to Play Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) Without FPS Drop

To play comfortably on Call of Duty Mobile, of course, you need a device with high specifications to avoid lag or problems when playing. There is a way to play Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) without FPS Drop

But for those of you who don’t have a high device, you can also outsmart it with a few tips above for playing Call of Duty: Mobile.

So you need to apply this method so you can play comfortably on a smartphone that is just barely enough to play games. At least the specifications themselves, you have to use Snapdragon 630 and above or for the flagship class, at least you have to use Snapdragon 830 and above.

However, if you use the Device below, what you need to apply is to try the following tips.

How to Play Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) Without FPS Drop

Set COD Mobile Graphic Settings

You can do this method for all the games you play. By adjusting the graphics of the game, of course you can minimize the occurrence of lags.

To set it up, you can try playing it first and adjust the graphic settings when you play, of course, adjust it to your device.

Stable Internet Connection

For those of you who have a tall smartphone, it will still not feel comfortable if you have a very bad network. Of course, when playing will be very disturbed.

Therefore, How to Play Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) Without FPS Drop, to anticipate this.

You try to use WiFi so that you have a stable connection and if possible, use a provider that has a stable internet.

Save Your Storage

In addition to the two methods above, you can also work around this by expanding it will leave storage memory. This is to accommodate all Call of Duty data that reaches more than 2GB.

As a suggestion only. You leave about 4GB or more of space on your smartphone so you can give your smartphone some fresh air and for future updates.

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Use Game Booster

This method can also maximize performance on your smartphone. By using the Game Booster application so that your games can run smoothly.

Its own function is to make your data when playing games stored in a different place so that it doesn’t cause lag and makes playing games comfortable.

Avoid Excessive Use

For those of you who play games, it takes a long time. Try to rest your smartphone for a moment. This can reduce the excess heat that is generated when playing games.

Also make sure that the smartphone is cold first when you want to use it again. Besides being able to increase the age of the smartphone, this method can also get rid of lag and make smartphone performance fresher again.

The way to rest is simply to turn off the smartphone and allow it for a while so the temperature on the smartphone cools down.

So, those are tips to be comfortable playing Call of Duty Mobile. For those of you who still have other useful tips. Please comment below! Have a nice play.