How to Play Jungler Freya in Mobile Legends (ML)

As a jungler, you should be farming in the jungle and don’t forget to gang when you are done farming. That way, you can catch up with gold and exp when playing. There are also many fighter heroes who can become junglers if you use the right build items. Depending on how you play, you can make the hero very strong in attacking enemies.

Freya is one of the heroes on mobile legends who can become a jungle. He has strong skills to clean the jungle quickly, and do teamfight well. There are 2 types of jungle that you can use. Freya can be a hero with a durable or burst type. So, you can make it a buuiser or an assassin depending on the build item you are going to use. Here we will provide 4 Tips for Playing Freya Jungle in Mobile Legends, which you can try. If you want to try playing freay as jungle on mobile legends, maybe you can get better at playing it.


If you want to use jungle freya, you have to use the right build item. You can use 2 types, namely, Durable or burst. You can become a jungler bruiser or assassin, with the skills that freya has.


Freya has a combo skill that is quite easy to use and has very high damage. Attack the enemy with a combination of skills that they have to deal high damage.


In order to chase enemy gold and exp, you have to clear the jungle quickly. With Freya’s damage skills, you can beat the jungle quickly. Don’t be too long in the jungle and try to help your team on other lanes too. So, you can provide assistance on the lane.


Buffs are very important for jungle, so pay attention to the buffs on your lane more often. The priority is the red buff. If it’s in the mid and late game, you can give blue buffs to your team heroes, so that they don’t run out easily.

Those are tips about 4 Tips for Playing Freya Jungle in Mobile Legends, which you can try. This hero is actually quite flexible. Freya can be an offlaner or a jungler Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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