How to Play ML on Television (TV) Latest Mobile Legends

How to play Mobile Legends using television is very easy. Especially if you have a Smart TV, it will be easier for you to install it. This time there is How to Play ML on the Latest Mobile Legends Television (TV)

Playing using TV has its own excitement because you can see your characters fighting easily because they have a large screen.

In addition, you can control it by using a smartphone via a Bluetooth or WiFi network. Playing Mobile Legends using a TV is suitable for you to try.

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How to Play ML on Television (TV) Latest Mobile Legends

But before starting the method, you must know that not all TVs support this kind of thing, but take it easy, there are other ways you can try.

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For example, by using additional devices such as Chromcast which are quite affordable and you can buy them in online shops anywhere.

Prepare Cromecast and continue with some settings on your TV in the following way.

Steps to Mobile Legends with Chormecast

First, start connecting the Chromecast on power, after that you can connect it to the HDMI port on the TV.

Next, you must first download the Chromecast application which you can download on the Google Play Store.

Make sure your Chromecast is connected using WiFI or the same network. Open the Chromecast app and do a fairly easy setup.

Apart from that, you can also stream with Chromchast. The method is quite easy, just open your Youtube and navigate to the video and play.

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Done, by following the easy steps above, now you can play Mobile Legends using TV.

So if you use a Smart TV with the same brand as your smartphone. Then you don’t have to bother buying a chromecast, usually there are features that are already in it to display the smartphone screen on the TV.

You can use these features easily without any problems. But must still use the same network.

The advantages of playing on a TV screen are also very numerous, not only providing excitement, you can also stream using the help of Chromecast. In addition, with a screen that is large enough, it will certainly help you play Mobile Legends.

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The enemy will appear closer and clearer, and you can play and relax. Especially during this pandemic, right? You must have entertaining activities and one of them is playing Mobile Legends using the screen on the TV.

So that’s how to use TV as a means to play Mobile Legends easily. Get information about other Mobile Legends every day only at Esportsku!