How to Play Zed Wild Rift, the Best Midlaner LoL Mobile!

How to play Zed Wild Rift. Zed is currently probably the best midlaner assassin in the Wild Rift. He often dominates the lane easily and wins games thanks to him. His Burst is very high and the highest in the Wild Rift. It’s almost impossible to survive in ulti and Zed combos if you don’t have an iframe or invul.

Zed relies on two things from his kit, namely burst and mobility. These two factors are also among the best in the current Wild Rift. Zed has the best burst pain and mobility if he can use it. It is very difficult to survive Zed and it is also difficult to catch up with Zed if you are not ready later.

But even though Zed is the best midlaner, that doesn’t mean he is easy to play. It’s quite difficult to play Zed, especially with the stamina mechanism and also you have to pay attention to your cooldown skills. If you play wasteful and wrong, later you can run out of stamina in the middle of a combo.

Here, let’s talk about how to play Zed Wild Rift. Can help those of you who want to play Zed and of course can help those of you who want to train themselves in the mid lane. Understand the methods and tips below so that later you don’t get confused when playing Zed in the mid.

Laning Phase, Poke Continues

Zed is very annoying on the lane thanks to his poke. At level 1 he can continuously poke and at level 2, his combo can be used and gives deadly bursts. This is very useful for Zed to get the advantage of the lane and make the opponent’s mid lane go bad.

Understand Your Power Spike

Power spikes are important for you to master, especially if you are playing Zed. Basically a power spike is the moment when your champion is at the peak of his strength. For Zed, his powerspike is at level 3, open the ulti, and each upgrade the ulti. You must understand this to get the maximum strength of hers.

Solo Kill is not a problem

Zed’s strength lies in his solo kill. He is very easy to do solo kills and is almost always effective. Unless your opponent has items or skills that can have an iframe or invul effect. But in general, Zed is indeed the best solo kill champion thanks to his burst.

Pay attention to the position and number of enemies

Positioning and reading the situation is very important when playing as Zed. You have to be good at reading your situation and starting position, especially if you want to survive. Always use your shadows in strategic positions and don’t enter if you are outnumbered. Zed has a weakness that is not effective against multiple champions at once.

Pay attention to the Stamina Bar

You always have to pay attention to the stamina bar. Often Zed players can enter and kill but cannot escape. Try to go in and use combos if your stamina is above 80%. You can use a combo if your stamina is above 30-40%, but remember that you have to hit all of your combos to get your stamina back.

Those are some of the ways to play Zed Wild Rift. This terrible champion can give your team an edge, especially if he is snowballing very strongly later on.

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