How to Quickly Level 3 Star Magic Chess Mobile Legends (ML)

In addition to managing the Synergy Combo, in the Magic Chess Mobile Legends game, you also have to raise the star or cool language, Leveling 3 Stars so that your hero grows stronger.

There is an easy and fast way to do 3 Star leveling in the Magic Chess Mobile Legends game which we will convey below.

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How to Quickly Level 3 Star Magic Chess in Mobile Legends

This time, a quick way to increase the star or 3 Star leveling in the latest Magic Chess Mobile Legends game that you can try. For those who are curious, here are the tips that we present.

To raise the star itself is quite easy and maybe you have seen it but haven’t succeeded? This is common for beginners, the article is to upgrade the star or star, you have to know the system.

First, to level or update the Magic Chess Mobile Legends game, you must need the same 3 heroes. This system applies well to upgradeke 2 stars to 3 stars.

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To upgrade to 2 stars, first of all, prepare a hero that you want to play. Then buy 2 of the same heroes on the recommendation board and click buy the same hero.

Then Magic Chess will automatically level the hero you want. You can play the 2 star hero in the arena or store it on the dock. Now then to upgrade to 3 stars, you must collect the same 3 heroes with 2 stars each.

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That means to level up heroes to 3 stars, at least you need 12 of the same heroes (1 star) or 3 of the same heroes (2 stars). So here, do you understand?

So for you to be faster at leveling heroes, you can use the following tips. In addition, in choosing a hero, make sure you use a hero who is familiar or not rare.

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Quick Tips to Upgrade 3 Stars in Magic Chess Mobile Legends

In order to be able to quickly do updrage stars. The first tip, you can set the Line Up hero that you will use.

The method itself, please click on Line Up Recommendations and select the line up that you are using. In addition, don’t forget to choose a role hero.

There are 3 types of heroes that you can choose from, starting from Fighter, Marksman and Assassin. Please click check and then close.

This method is quite effective so that the hero you use will appear more often on recommended heroes.

So that’s how to level 3 stars easily and quickly in Magic Chess Mobile Legends. May be useful.