How to use Chou Mobile Legends (ML)

Chou is one of the offlaner heroes in Mobile Legends who is still often used by players. Chou himself has a skill with a good Crowd control effect. This hero is strong enough to be used as an offlaner considering his skills are suitable for one by one situations. We will review how to use Chou Mobile Legends here for you.

When playing Chou, you should make good use of skill one and skill two. For Clear Minions, it becomes faster, combine skill one and Chou’s basic attack. You can use the second skill itself to avoid enemy attack skills or just to get close to it.

At this occasion, Esports, I will discuss how to use Chou Mobile Legends. Now for those of you who are curious and want to know how to use this one fighter hero well in gameplay, let’s just look at the full explanation below!

How to use Chou Mobile Legends

How to use Chou Mobile Legends (ML)

The first step you have to do is learn each attack skill that is on Chou so that it can be used optimally in a gameplay. Chou himself has four skills which are divided into three active skills and one passive skill. The following is an explanation of each skill in Chou Mobile Legends.

  • Only fast – Passive Skill

Only fast is Chou’s passive skill which can make his basic attack slow down. The passive active of Chou’s skill is indicated by the presence of fire in his hand.

  • Jeet Kune Do – Skill One

One Chou’s skill is an attack skill that can have a good crowd control effect on the enemy. The enemy will have very limited movement if hit by this one skill.

You can use Shunpo to avoid enemy attacks and Chou is immune to CC effects when using these two skills.

  • The Way of Dragon – Ultimate Skill

The way of dragon is Chou’s continuous kick attack skill that can provide a good CC effect as well as great damage. You can also use this skill to easily kidnap your opponent.

Emblem and Battle Spell Chou in Mobile Legends

How to use Chou Mobile Legends (ML)

For the emblem itself, Chou can use a custom assassin emblem with high and dry talent when you want to play as an offlaner. If you want to play as a tank, you can use a custom tank emblem with a talent tenacity or a concussive blast to increase its durability to make it even better in gameplay.

As for the battle spell itself, you can use flicker. Flicker can be used as a medium to escape or be used to approach opponents. The one skill can be combined with flicker and can make it easier for you to catch your opponent.

Best Chou Item Build in Mobile Legends

Build items suitable for Chou are warrior boots, Endless Battle, Blade of Despair, Windtalker, Brute Force armor or Athena Shield, and Immortality. Using this set up build item will make the damage from Chou’s attack even more painful. Besides that, in terms of durability it will be even better because there is immortality and Athena Shield.

Chou Mobile Legends Gameplay Tips

In the Early game, you can focus on laning first. You can take Gold lane if the team plays only one core meta. Use his one skill to help clear minions. Besides that, you can also give poke damage in the early game to your opponent so they can dominate the lane easily.

When you enter the mid game, you can roam and gank to help your team. Chou can easily catch his opponent with his flicker combo and one skill. After that he can use his ultimate skill to kick his opponent towards his teammate. Don’t forget to go back to the lane to protect it and try to play as objectively as possible.

So, that’s an explanation of how to play Chou Mobile Legends, which I have discussed in Esports. By applying the short guide above, it is hoped that you can make your Chou’s performance even more optimal in gameplay!