How to use Claude MM GG Mobile Legends

Claude is a marksman with high burst damage, he has a wide range of damage. This time there is How to Use Claude MM GG Season 15 Mobile Legends which we will explain

Claude Mobile Legends has the ultimate attack that needs to be anticipated and makes it very unique and very strong in early games and in dilate games. Usually it will kill the players very quickly if it is used by pro calude players

Pro Claude uses this method so that he can quickly build it in the game. So that you can beat back your opponents with these pro tips Claude mobile legends

How to use Claude Mobile Legends

Claude Mobile Legends Skill Set

Passive Skill: Battle Side by Side

Claude has a partner named Dexter, he helps attack the enemy. Dexter will take 20% damage from Claude including all properties and bonuses owned by Claude.

Skill 1: Art of Thievery

Claude will steal the enemy’s movement speed and attack speed and produce physical damage. The skill will provide movement speed and attack speed to the enemy for 6 seconds.

Skill 2: Battle Mirror Image

Claude uses tools from Dr. Rooney to duplicate Dexter at the specified location. The duplicate will attack automatically for 5 seconds. In addition, Claude with these duplicates can easily swap places.

Ultimate: Blazing Duet

Claude and Dexter will attack the area and produce damage to all enemies within their range for 3 seconds.

Every attack he issues will be considered as Claude’s basic attack so that he will get shieled when launching the Blazing Duet attack.

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Battle Spell and Skill Set for Claude Mobile Legends

Claude generally uses Aegis as his main battle spell, but nowadays many use Claude with Execute and Retribution.

As for the emblem itself, you can use the Custom Assassin Emblem with the talent Bounty Hunter or Custom Marksman Emblem.

The Best Build Item for Claude ML

The build variation for Claude really depends on the player. The build above is the most common build that you can use.

You get 3 build items to become Claude the killer monster in the mobile legends game. You can use the first item for Jungler-DPS if you always play in the jungle, you can use this item.

While those of you who usually play as pure DPS use the second build item Claude. The last build item, you will make Claude a fighter with a very painful burst of damage.

How to Play Claude in Mobile Legends

In the Early Game ML, it is the same as any other Marksman. Claude was not strong enough to kill buff himself. Try to ask the Tanker for help to help you when farming.

When you reach level 4, try to start roaming all existing lanes. The best way to attack the enemy is by ambush ganking, that is, when you are about to attack try to hide first on the grass and take out a combination of skill 2 and ultimate attacks on the enemy.

While in the Mid Game, Claude can be independent for solo lane or farming. Always take buffs regularly and attack minions with the ultimate to make it faster.

When you reach the Late Game, you are stronger even though there is a possibility that the enemy marksman is getting stronger too.

The advantage of Claude’s attack lies in the burst damage area that allows all enemies to be hit by Claude’s attack. In the late game, you are required to use timing when you want to bring out the ultimate.

Now that’s how to use Claude mobile legends which is famous as MM which is very good for you to use. So, don’t make it wrong for you to build or use it in the game.