How to use PUBG Mobile’s hurt QBU DMR

As the current favorite battle royal game, PUBG Mobile comes with various types of weapons. One of the best weapons you can use at Sanhook is the QBU. This time there is a way to use PUBG Mobile’s hurtful QBU DMR that you can do.

QBU is an Assault Rifle that you can only get on the Sanhok Map. You can easily find this type of weapon and have pretty good abilities like other best DMR weapons.

QBU is exclusive to that map. This weapon offers high damage, is more stable and has less recoil and is easy to use even for beginners.

The advantage is in throwing aggressively but being stable so it is easy to hit the target. As a DMR weapon, of course, you can prioritize QBU as your main weapon when playing at Sanhook.

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How to use PUBG Mobile’s hurt QBU DMR

Now for those of you who want to be good at using QBU weapons, here are tips that you must apply when using them. Guaranteed good!

Use Red Dot, Scope 2x or 3x

The third highly optimal QBU is used to attack at a short to medium range. This weapon has a fairly high throw speed of bullets so it is suitable for use at close to medium ranges with high damage capabilities.

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Use a Sound Silencer (Suppressor)

Silencer is very effective for you to use while doing prone. It is at this moment that Supperssor wajid is worn so that the sound generated is not so noisy.

When using sound absorbers, QBU will be very nice to use especially for those of you who like to do phone calls at Sanhook

Use A Compressor If You Want To Be Barbarian

Now for those of you who play with the typical aggressive or barbaric. You can use the Compressor so that the recoil when launching a bullet is held.

The compressor can lighten the recoil a bit when you shoot. This is very fortunate if you want to improve your aim while fighting.

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QBU Has Bipod

Bipod is one of the advantages that QBU has. The bipod itself has a function so that when you shoot in prone mode, your aim will decrease because of the bipod.

Therefore, the QBU is the most suitable weapon for use on the Sanhook Map which has a large expanse of forest and grass.

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QBU Can Shoot Fast

QBU has another advantage, namely its fast bullet throw. Even in single mode, this weapon can fire rapidly in a continuous manner.

This is what makes the QBU can be used at close, medium range and even the Sniper if you use a silencer, Scope 6x and single mode.

Now that’s how to use QBU which is the best DMR weapon that you can use at PUBG Mobile, especially on Map Sanhook. Happy Chiken Dinner.