How to Use the Free Fire Pistol With a Pro

Weapons are a natural thing in a Battle Royale type game play like Free Fire. In this game, there are many types of weapons that can be used at close range. Medium to long distances though. How to use the Free Fire Pistol with Pro for ff players who learn to use various types of weapons.

For example, these types of weapons are Assault Rifle, Sniper, Shotgun, SMG and so on which you can use in that battle. Although all weapons have their own uniqueness. But there is one type of weapon that is suitable for use in the early game or when your main weapon is running out of bullets.

How to Use the Free Fire Pistol With a Pro

This Handgun or pistol is the second weapon that you can use in this Free Fire game. But because many players underestimate this weapon.

This weapon is also quite useful if you are experiencing something critical, namely the main weapon is reloading. This time, we will provide some tips for weapons that have this type of handgun.

How to Use the Free Fire Pistol With a Pro

  1. Can be used to kill Knocked enemies

If you have made an enemy that you have caught, Down. Then the enemy could do nothing but wait for help from his teammates.

You can kill enemies who are down by using a gun. You can also save on spending bullets on your main weapon. Plus, you won’t worry about running out of bullets again later if you kill Down enemies with a Pistol. But don’t forget to take stock of handgun ammunition too.

  1. The gun is the best weapon in the early game

Pistol is a weapon that loses to other weapons, but this weapon is very good to use also in early games. You can find this Pistol weapon easily at the beginning of the game and you can use it as your first weapon.

Most enemies will not be interested in pistols because they will have the idea that Pistols will take up a lot of Inventory at the start of the game. You can finish off the enemy quickly using a pistol when the enemy doesn’t have any items or weapons.

Using Free Fire Pistol With Pro

  1. Use the gun if the main weapon is reloading

Primary weapons and even Shotguns have a long enough time to reload and you will be an easy target for the enemy. You can change to another primary weapon without reloading again.

If indeed all Primary weapons require Reload, you can use the last weapon, the gun, to be used to finish off the enemy quite quickly.

  1. Use Treatment Gun instead of Pistol

This weapon is a pistol that is quite helpful in combat, this weapon can heal your teammates by shooting it using this weapon.

This weapon can help your teammates to replenish blood from a long distance using this weapon without harming yourself.

This weapon can also deal quite a lot of damage to the enemy as well, this is the same as a gun in general so it is very suitable for use by many players.

Those are some tips for using a Handgun or Pistol. How? Ready for Booyah to use a gun?


I prefer to play free fire with friends rather than solo push rank. Because he keeps losing and also likes trolling squad mates