Idul Adha FF Event with Free Fire Token Sheep

Approaching Eid al-Adha for all Muslims in Indonesia. Garena free fire enlivened it by creating an event entitled Eid al-Adha. Just like the events in the previous free fire, this Eid al-Adha event will give you various prizes that you can have when you have completed the mission at the Eid al-Adha FF event. At the Eid Al Adha FF event with Sheep Free Fire Tokens, you can exchange them for items that you like.

The Eid al-Adha event held by Garena Free Fire itself is different from outside servers that can be played when you have changed your IP with a VPN. Most likely, this event is only for Indonesia to welcome Muslim holidays. At this event, each of you has done what is written in your mission. Players receive tokens which can be exchanged for a Berserker bundle

Idul Adha FF Event with Free Fire Token Sheep

When you want the prizes in this free fire game. Of course, the players must work hard first to collect tokens. Where is the token as a condition to be able to exchange the item you want. You can collect these tokens by completing the missions at this Eid al-Adha ff event.

Players must collect two tokens as a condition for exchanging items. The two tokens that players must have are Token Sheep Free fire and common exchange free fire tokens

With these two tokens in your hands. You can exchange any items at this year’s Eid al-Adha event. But, make sure the tokens you have match the items you want to exchange!

You don’t need to be confused about getting these tokens, because you can get tokens by playing and completing very easy missions.

Besides that, at this Eid al-Adha event. You will later have a special mission where you can get four other interesting items. Among other things: you can get 5 box stone age loot crate by way of doing kill to 70 person your enemy. Then, get on 5 box loot crate elite mercenary with played 450 minutes. And finally, you will get two items at once if you play in mode Death Uprising for 120 minutes. Namely, item 3 box M60 Gold Coated Weapon Loot Crate + 5 Revive Token.

Well, that’s the Eid al-adha FF Event this time. Enjoy playing survivors. Greetings, Booyah!