Interesting Facts about MPL ID Season 6 ML between Evos Legends Vs Genflix Aerowolf Mobile Legends

On pro scene Mobile Legends Indonesia, namely MPL ID Season 6, has lasted until Week 4. There are some interesting facts about MPL ID Season 6 ML between Evos Legends vs Genflix Aerowolf Mobile Legends.

The match this time brings together two tiger teams who love to do team fight. The two teams are Evos Legends against Genflix Aerowolf. Plus, these two teams are also known for their high level of aggressiveness in the Land of Dawn!

The meeting between EVOS and GFLX was quite fierce and lasted until match the 3rd. In the end, EVOS managed to win over GFLX with a final score of 2-1.

Of course, this fierce match also presents interesting facts for fans and supporters of MPL ID Season 6. Therefore, here are interesting facts about MPL ID Season 6 Week 4 between Evos Legends and Genflix Aerowolf!

Game Play GFLX FREDO style tank

With the Genflix Aerowolf encounter against Evos Legends, EVOS FREDO dropped as starting line up GFLX. By relying on Khufra and Atlas as their flagship heroes, GFLX FREDO actually presents the first interesting facts for us to discuss.

Khufra GFLX FREDO is a troublesome figure for EVOS. Especially on match 1st, GFLX FREDO successfully obtained first blood with EVOS REKT’s death in the area jungle toplane belongs to Evos Legends.

Khufra GFLX FREDO is even a killer figure for him hyper carry EVOS! Roger EVOS Wannn hit the mark-pick off several times by Khufra GFLX FREDO. Of course game play This Khufra from GFLX FREDO deserves thumbs up!

Even though, the Atlas GFLX FREDO has become the monthly material for Evos Legends. As in match 3rd, Atlas GFLX FREDO tar many times-pick off by EVOS Wannn or EVOS Rexxy.

Difference in quality game play This GFLX FREDO style tank is an interesting fact to be a topic of discussion.

META Angela a la Evos Legends

As far as MPL ID Season 6 lasts until Week 4, EVOS is the only team that uses Angela in this tournament.

Angela, who is used by EVOS REKT, acts as offlaner. Dealing with heroes offlaner mainstream, does not make Angela EVOS REKT out of date. In fact, Angela EVOS REKT often troubles her opponents in her condition 1 by 1 regardless of the hero is Uranus, Esmeralda, Yu Zhong, or even Khaleed.

Angela EVOS REKT herself faced Uranus GFLX Rinazmi on match 3rd in area botlane from GFLX. META Angela is able to reach her highest capacity when Angela becomes a complement to the hero hyper carry at Evos Legends,

This is the reason Roger EVOS Wannn went crazy in the Land of Dawn to be precise match 3rd between Evos Legends and Genflix Aerowolf.

Those are the interesting facts about MPL ID Season 6 Week 4 between Evos Legends and Genflix Aerowolf. Stay tuned for interesting facts from the next match. Don’t forget to keep supporting your favorite team too!