ION Esports Breaks the First WWCD Double Digits in PMPL ID Season 2!

Currently, 24 of the best PUBG Mobile teams that Indonesia have are competing in PMPL ID Season 2 which has entered the last two weeks to determine which teams are entitled to enter the final round later. This time we will discuss about ION Esports which managed to get the first WWCD double digit in PMPL ID Season 2 after passing 59 matches in this fifth week.

PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Season 2 Indonesia is a tournament where PUBG Mobile pro Indonesian teams meet and fight for seat number 1 as the best team in this region. The second season of PMPL shows that not only the big teams can get big points but also developing teams, even the underdogs.

PMPL ID Season 2 has entered its fifth week now and it is increasingly clear which teams are eligible to enter the final round tomorrow. One of them that has a very big chance to enter the final round is ION Esports.

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ION Esports Received First WWCD Double Digit in PMPL ID Season 2

Currently, PMPL ID Season 2 is entering its fifth week. ION Esports, which is included in Group B, has finished the match in its fifth week on the second day. ION obtained very good results by getting WWCD twice in the match on the second day ago.

Apart from that, as a team that successfully coup Bigetron RA and managed to lead the standings since a few weeks ago, ION Esports has also broken several records in this PMPL ID Season 2.

Previously, ION Redfacen got the first 100 kills in this fifth week and indeed the total kills he got far left other players on the top terminator leaderboard. This achievement earned ION Redfacen the title of First Centurion. Even along with the slick performance of the ION Esports team on the second day, ION Redfacen has collected a total of 120 kills at this time.

In the MVP Leaderboard, ION Redfacen was in first place and two other ION members, namely ION Aurolv and ION Liquid, also entered the MVP Leaderboard.

So, still in the fifth week, ION Esports is the first team to get WWCD double digits in PMPL ID Season 2 after passing 59 matches. This means that they will be the first team to get 10 WWCD in this tournament. WWCD’s two-time contribution in the last second day of the match was a big achievement.

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ION Esports’ big achievement in PMPL ID Season 2 has solidified them at the top of the standings. Another team that has the opportunity to get double digit WWCD is Aura Esports which has pocketed 9x WWCD now and will play on the third day.