Irithel Mobile Legends Item Build, ML Spell, and the Best Emblem, Pro MM Guide!

Irithel is a hero role for mobile legends marksman who has very high potential. Compared to other marksman heroes, Irithel has one very good advantage, namely his passive. Irithel’s passive allows him to attack while walking, which is very important for his style of play. This time we will discuss the Best Item Build, Spell, and Emblem Irithel Mobile Legends, Strong Marksman Kiter

With his passive, Irithel can play by moving and can also do strong kiting. This hero is useful for depleting your cellphone first before the next surprise attack on mobile legends

Irithel can be called as a marksman who cannot remain silent passively. But that’s not all the selling point. The strong selfbuff, good mobility, and also CC suitable for blurring make it very slippery and hard to catch.


The damage power of Irithel as a marksman is also quite high. He is assisted by his ulti which gives very high leap and selfbuff damage. In addition, he also has AoE skill minus armor which is very dangerous because this skill can increase Irithel’s damage very high.

Irithel also has an anti-escape skill which is a bit strange with his skillset because this skill must be used at close range. The mobility of Irither as a marksman is still below Lesley, she moves only at close range unlike Lesley who can avoid ganking. However, this skillset is intended for surprise attacks not for escaping on mobile legends

Here we will provide lots of the most complete guides for Irithel. Item builds, spells, emblems, and how to play are very good for you to learn and also for you to read. Irithel is not that popular compared to other top marksman, but he is still a very strong hero.


Irithel is a marksman hero who will really take advantage of and depend on his raw damage. This is because Irithel’s skill set is very strong and is indeed suitable to be played like this. With minus armor and selfbuff skills that increase his damage quite high, Irithel is a hero who cannot be underestimated with his high damage.

In this build item we will provide an irithel mobile legends build item that will improve and focus on the performance and efficiency of this hero. Relying on raw damage really helps Irithel because he is a hero who can provide very high rough damage and is also difficult to endure.


Shoes that are perfect for Irithel are Swift Boots. By using these shoes, Irithel will have a very high additional damage output. This is because the additional ASPD of this shoe will come in very handy for Irithel. The rest of the shoe just doesn’t quite fit in and doesn’t even get any better than this Swift shoe.


As the first mobile legends item, Scarlet is not a bad item, even this item will become Irithel’s core item. The stat offered by this item is very beneficial for Irithel, who is very dependent on his raw power damage. ASPD and high crit chance will make Irithel’s damage even higher and consistent.


Additional crit damage from the passive effect of this item will really help to boost Irithel’s damage even higher. This item also provides a high stat damage and crit chance and is very good when combined with the Scarlet Phantom. In the late game this item will get stronger continuously.


When you already have a very high ASPD and crit chance, Windtalker will be the next most perfect item. This item will give a very high damage output because Irithel’s attack will bounce off and also his very strong passive stat, perfect for increasing his potential raw damage.


In this meta where there are lots of offlane heroes or tankers who are very thick and depend on their armor, this item will be very suitable for use by Irithel. Malefic will give bonus damage to pierce armor which is very high and strong scaling in the late game. In addition, this item will provide bonus damage when attacking towers, very effective for Irithel who has high damage to flatten the tower in an instant.


Despair is the last item that Irithel must buy. This item will increase his raw damage even higher because Despair is the most expensive damage item in Mobile Legends which also has the highest damage stat in the game. This item will increase Irithel’s overall damage, especially his deadly critical and also Malefic Roar.


Demon Hunter Sword

DHS can be another item choice as Irithel’s first item if you fight a lot of thick heroes who depend on HP. This item also has very good stats and is suitable for Irithel’s item build.


Irithel is a hero who is very vulnerable to bursts, and with this item in battle Irithel will become a very deadly hero. High damage thanks to his selfbuff can provide high damage which will later become a lifesteal which is also very high and very difficult to overcome by opponents. Can replace Malefic Roar.

Corrosion Scythe

This item can be a good choice if you want to use CC when attacking enemies. With this item, your attacks will make the enemy slow in walking. You can chase enemies and also run from enemies easily using this item.


Irithel is a hero who can use many types of battle spells. The reason is because as a marksman hero he is required to be flexible. Some of the options listed here can also be a reference for other heroes, not only Irithel.


Irithel is a hero who is very vulnerable to bursts and CC, therefore he needs Purify to play more safely. Even though he has a leap skill, this skill cannot be dispatched and relied on to escape. Purify can save Irithel from CC such as very dangerous stun and silence.


If you are planning to play more aggressively then Sprint is the best choice for Irithel. He really benefits from Sprint because you can take advantage of his very high kiting capabilities. Attacking while walking with Sprint will be a big problem for the enemy.


Flicker can be the third best choice for Irithel. This most versatile spell would of course be a good choice for Irithel. He can take advantage of the teleport from the flicker which is very useful, especially when ulti CD. Many possibilities for using Flicker.


For the emblem that Irithel can use, he can use the Assassin emblem which will really help damage and talent which is very useful for him. Irithel is a very dangerous hero with this emblem because there are so many tiers that really help his raw damage. The assassin emblem is also known to increase the owner’s damage.


Bravery can be the best choice in tier 1 for Irithel. This Tier 1 will provide even higher raw damage for Irithel. Compared to other tier 1s, Bravery is indeed the most suitable for him. Bravery also provides excellent stats and can also be put to good use by Irithel.


For tier 2 you can mix up the distribution of points for Irithel or focus on just one point. There are two points that you can take, namely Invasion and Fatal. Invasion and Fatal provide armor pierce and crit chance respectively. You can use it by mixing 2 invasion and 1 fatal, on the other hand, full invasion, or full fatal. You can have this tier 2 according to your individual needs.


For tier 3 in the assassin, of course you will take one of the strongest tier 3 talents in Mobile Legends, namely Bounty Hunter. If you play aggressively at the beginning of the game by getting kills, Irithel can collect a lot of gold very young. With this talent, Irithel can get rich quickly.


Irithel is a hero who is very suitable to be played in Sidelane. Fortunately other lane roles such as mid or offlane are not that strong because Irithel is a marksman who is not strong enough to do pokes and rotations, unlike Granger or Clint. Here you can take sidelane to focus on farming to get gold.

Early game: In the early game there is not much you can do and contribute. Maybe you can repay your opponent little by little or help the gang with his armor break in Irithel’s skill. Apart from that he was not that strong.

Mid game: In the midgame you can start active with some of your core items because the ulti will be very helpful. Here you can start looking for kills with other team members. You can use the break and selfbuff armor on your ulti to be used against your opponent’s hero.

Late game: In the late game he will become a monster. Irithel can provide high damage that is not playing games because of complete items and also a deadly selfbuff + armor break. He will be a major threat to the opposing team, especially heroes who are easy to kite.

That’s the best and most complete guide, item build, spell, and emble belonging to Irithel Mobile Legends. This one hero is a very dangerous hero if left alone because he can become a monster that can inflict high damage in the late game. Irithel is very helpful when fighting a hero who is hit by armor break and has a selfbuff from the ulti because only a few shots, the enemy can die quickly.