Item Build Hero AoV Diao Chan, Mage Control Strong and Queen CC

Diao Chan is a very strong mage in teamfight and ganking because he has very strong CC skills. Diao Chan even has CC in all of his skills. Even though Diao Chan is very weak, thanks to his passive Diao Chan can absorb one damage every few seconds making Diao Chan also strong against enemy gang bursts.

Diao Chan can fill two roles, namely midlaner or support. Because all of his skills have AoE effects, Diao Chan can quickly clear lanes and rotate. He is also strong as support because he has a strong CC, he can help gank or protect MM on the lane.

Here we will provide build items for Diao Chan as mage control. Diao Chan who works as a control mage also has the advantage that he doesn’t need many items to activate.

Item Build Hero AoV Diao Chan


Diao Chan will need a phoenix as his first item to get a decent amount of damage. Passive from Phoenix that recovers HP and mana when leveling up is also a consideration so that Diao Chan is often active on the map without having to go home. This item can be later upgraded to Orb of the Magi or sold for other more important items.


Even though he has high control, unfortunately Diao Chan is very slow when walking, often Diao Chan is late in rotating because he has difficulty moving from the mid. This led him to sometimes buy Hermes as a rotating shoe because it increased MVSPD outside of combat. These shoes can also be replaced as needed such as CD shoes, magic pierce, or magic def / resistance.


The thing that makes Diao Chan strong is his slow skill stack with Frosty. With the slow item stack Diao Chan can control the enemy stronger and makes it easy to use his disable skill. With Frosty ulti Diao Chan will also provide a slow which has a very wide AoE. This item is quite important to buy at the beginning of the game because it gives Diao Chan the HP it needs.


Diao Chan also needed magic pierce at the beginning of the game to burst his opponent. This item also provides the HP Diao Chan needs to get stronger at the start of the game. Magic Pierce flat from this item is useful for fighting squishy heroes.


Berith is the next item of choice for Diao Chan. With the effect of% HP damage to the enemy, Diao Chan will also get a high defensive stat as well as CDR from this item. CDR will be needed so that Diao Chan can spam continuously.


A strong item for mages, this item provides high and passive magic power which increases magic by 35%. Diao Chan with this item will give very high damage from all his skills that are easily spammed when he has a CDR from Berith.


Diao Chan’s last item is quite flexible. You can buy arctic to avoid death and also this item provides a fairly high magic stat. Can be replaced with other items such as Tome, Nuul, or Holy.


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