Item Build Nana Damage the most hurt in Mobile Legends, Mage Killer ML!

Nana is a mobile legends mage hero role who is often made a support lane because of her skillset. Nana has a lot of tools as support, from poke, area denial, zoning, disable, and CC. This is the main reason Nana is often made lane support with her carry team.

But he kept high potential to be played as a mage damage mobile legends. The reason is because he is independent and does not need help from support who can focus on helping Safelane or doing deep roam tempo with Nana.

Hero nana mobile legends itself is often made damage if it is needed at that time. What’s more, if your mobile legends composition is full of Hero CC. Making Nana a mage killer with full damage is a good choice when playing.

You can make Nana a very strong damage dealer in Mobile Legends. Even though he is well known as a support roamer, it cannot be denied that his damage can be very high!

Here we will provide Nana’s full damage build item in Mobile Legends which is very deadly.

With this mobile legends build, Nana becomes very dangerous because it is very difficult to kill and also has high damage in teamfight thanks to its AoE damage.

Build Nana Full of Painful Damage in Mobile Legends

ML OP Items for Comeback Mobile Legends


Arcane Boots are mobile legends shoe items that are perfect for Nana, of course, because they provide a good magic pierce stat.

He doesn’t really need which shoes to regen because his mana usage isn’t so bad if you know when to use skills.


Nana’s skill damage which has long range and AoE this effect will greatly benefit from the passive effect of Team LT. By using this item consistently Nana can inflict high damage continuously. This item also provides a good stat.


This item is very effective against squishy heroes and heroes who don’t buy magic def effects. When compared to Glaive, this item is more suitable against squishy heroes because its magic defense effect is flat and not%.

Very strong for Nana who easily does high damage quickly.


Fleeting is an item that is perfect for Nana because she needs a CDR item. In addition, Nana is known to be very easy to get kills or assists which make the passive effect of this item more consistent.


Furthermore, the item Nana will definitely buy is Holy. With this item Nana will get a very high magic damage effect and not play with its value. Scaling 30% is also very high from this item.


Calamity is a fairly strong item in lategame thanks to its high scaling in item passive effects.

For Nana, who often spams her skills using this item is not a bad thing because with Reaper Nana’s damage will soar very high in the late game.

Winter Truncheon (Alternative)

Winter Truncheon can be a good side item choice for Nana. With the active skill of this item, you can avoid enemy attacks and run easily. You have to be careful, because you can’t do anything when turning on this item, and you have to wait a long time for the CD.

Making Nana a hero mage with full damage is also not wrong in the game. This is because the items in mobile legends are situational.

Besides that, you can also make Nana a reliable marksman, you know. With the build item nana marksman mobile legends that we gave in the previous post

The best of all things considered, this article was originally published in Indonesian language.

That’s the Nana build full damage Mobile Legends item that you can use in your game. By using this build item, he will be a source of deadly damage and certainly more consistent.