Item Function ML Potion Mobile Legends, Late Game Helper God!

Mobile Legends is one of the best MOBA games today that you can play on your Mobile device. This one game presents various unique items such as Potion items, now here are some types and functions of Potion Items in Mobile Legends.

The Potion item is one of the items that will become your helper god during the Late Game. This item is usually used after your full item is complete and becomes an addition, both damage and defense during the late game.

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The function of the Mobile Legends ML Potion item

As a potion, this item will work within 120 seconds after use. Each item has its own effects which are very useful and become a god of savior in the Late Game.

Here are 3 Potions in ML that can become the god of congregation during the Late Game. Following are the functions and heroes that are suitable for using the Potion Mobile Legends item.

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Power Potion

Now the first is Power Potion, this potion item is red and is usually used by heroes with physical types such as marksman, assassin and also fighter.

Power Potion has an additional effect that can be your god of savior when in the Late Game. Some effects are added, such as 30 Physical Attack and 5% Lifesteal which will last for 120 seconds.

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Magic Potion

Magic Potion has a blue color, this one item is usually used by heroes with mage, support and mage assassin types.

Magic Potion has additional effects such as 30 Magic Power and 5 Cooldown Reduction which can work for 120 seconds.

Magic Potion is quite useful, because for many mage heroes, they really need a cooldown to increase the speed of their skills. Besides that, the addition of Magic Power is also quite useful in the late game.

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Rock Potion

Rock Potion is a potion item specifically for Tanks, besides that, for fighter users who use combination items, you can also use it.

For tankers, the effect itself is to provide 500 HP and Healtly Points which can reduce the enemy’s corwd control effect by 15%. This effect is of course very much needed for a hero tank during the late game.

You can buy the Potion effect itself at the end or at the beginning of the game. The price itself is quite cheap when compared to other items. This Potion item is an alternative item that you can buy when you reach the full item or can’t add another item.

So that’s the function of the Potion item in Mobile Legend, complete with recommendations for the hero who uses it. Well hopefully this is useful.