Johnson Mobile Legends 2020 Run Bugs and How to ML!

Not infrequently Mobile Legends does maintenance, and does bug fixes in Mobile Legends. Because, usually the bugs in Mobile Legends can interfere with the game, and can be misused. This is not good and it’s a good idea to report it if you find a bug in Mobile Legends. Here, we will discuss bugs in Mobile Legends.

Maintance in Mobile Legends usually makes regular server repairs and sometimes makes bug fixes, so that the game can run well. This is done so that you don’t get bugs that interfere with playing. That way, you can play comfortably. Therefore, maintenance and bug fixes are very necessary and must be done regularly.

However, sometimes because of doing this bug fix, other new bugs will appear. Therefore, this must be done in a thorough and detailed manner. In fact, bugs that have been around for a long time are still there. One of them is a bug that is owned by Johnson which can make him run very fast. How to do it is difficult, but still this one bug must be fixed immediately.

Here we will discuss about how to do the Jhonson Fast Run Bug in Mobile Legends, which has not been fixed at all. The bug that allows Johnson to run quickly has not been fixed by Moonton. you can try it yourself if you are curious.

Johnson’s Fast Run Bug In Mobile Legends

Johnson's Fast Run Bug In Mobile Legends Has Not Been Fixed

If you want to try this bug, it’s a good idea to try it in practice mode. How to do it is a bit difficult, and it’s good that you don’t abuse this one bug.

Here’s how to bug johnson mobile legends 2020:

  • First you go to Mobile Legends and try it in Practice using Johnson.
  • After that, you call the bot.
  • Then, you continue to beat or lower the blood of the boots until there is very little.
  • When you have lowered the bot’s blood, you can use Ultimate right in front of the bot.
  • Right when you use Ultimate, you have to press Ultimate again until you hit the Bot. You need the right timing, so it’s okay to press the ultimate continuously.
  • After that, you guys can go really fast with Johnson.

Actually you are not running fast on this one bug. When you turn into a car and hit a bot, you hit Ultimate again. Maybe the system is wrong and thinks you can become a car. That way, you see Johnson with his ultimate speed, and when you hit a Hero or wall you will explode like his ultimate. What makes it different is that you can use skill 1 or 2.

It’s good that this one bug is not misused, and hopefully Moonton makes improvements on this one. Because, fear that someone misused a bug, or someone who accidentally made a bug but was reported due to bug abuse.

That’s the info about Jhonson’s Fast Run Bug in Mobile Legends, which hasn’t been fixed until now. If you find a bug, you better do a record and report it to moonton. That way, the bugs can be fixed properly and no one takes advantage of the bugs to win the game. Also Follow Our Social Media on Instagram Esportsku!