Kalahari FF Map in Rank Clash Squad Free Fire Mode, Even More Exciting!

The Free Fire game is a game with the battle royale genre. Well, Garena Free Fire as the publisher of this game always makes the latest updates that can keep players loyal to free fire. In the past few weeks, clash squad free fire mode with a rank system. Unfortunately, it can only be played on the Bermuda map. This time we got the news that the Kalahari FF Map in Rank Clash Squad Free Fire Mode, Getting More Exciting.

With this news, of course it will add to the excitement of your free fire game play. As we know, the Free Fire Defeat Map is a map that replaces the purgatory in the last February 2020 ff update. As we know, in the previous clash squad mode there was no such ranked system as this. But Garena Free Fire issued it in this April 2020 update. Of course, after testing the advanced server in March 2020

On this map, you will find deserts and lots of high ground. Of course, with a map like that you can rely on your flanking skills and your aim free fire skills.

Garena Free Fire itself has announced that it will delete the purgatory map and replace it with Map defeated last February. With the arrival of the losing map today in squad clash mode. Free fire players must make changes in strategy and gameplay when playing clash squad ff.

Map Kalahari Mode Ranked Squad Will Be In May 2020

Reportedly, you can play this losing map in ranked mode on May 7 2020. With this leak, you can train yourself to continue playing on the defeated map. This is so that you memorize correctly the free fire defeated map, starting from the best looting of the defeated and also the best places to do prones and battles.

So, let’s play your free fire on the defeated map to get used to the map. When you can play it, you will look very pro and also be able to quickly do this season 15 push rank.

With the start of season rank 15, of course, you will reset all your ranks in both regular mode and squad rank mode. Now, this is a golden opportunity for you to show your abilities in this free fire defeat map. Of course, everyone will be competing to get the highest rank in season 15.

Immediately do this Push Rank Season 15

Moreover, squad rank itself is still new among players. That is, it is still warm for players to do push rank free fire in this squad mode. Plus, Garena presents a defeated map in this clash squad mode. Of course, it will be more fun to play ranked free fire in this latest season 15.

Free fire players must compete to get the highest rank so that they can get more Free Fire Ranked Prizes to be yours. So you have to be serious about doing push rank in this clash squad free fire mode.

Make sure you know the best tips for doing push rank free fire. This is so that you quickly increase the rank of your clash of your free fire squad. That way you will become a free fire player with the highest rank.

That’s all from us, thank you. Greetings booyah!

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