Kalahari FF Update Makes Free Fire Map So Cool!

The Kalahari Map is one of the newest maps to be present in the Free Fire game, so that the players can also feel other additional excitement. After the Bermuda and Mad Dog maps, this Kalahari is the third map which is quite unique compared to other maps. If you see Bermuda and Mad Dog are identical to green fields, but for the Kalahari Map this is identical to the Dry Desert. This time there is a Kalahari FF Update Making Free Fire Map So Cool!

But last month, the Kalahari Map was forced to close due to an Adverse Bug. After that, Garena had reopened the Kalahari Map after being repaired. The Map Period is open from 1 to 5 February 2020 in the Advance Server FF.

It was also reported that many new things were happening inside the Kalahari Map. This change will later be officially released for OB 20, so the Kalahari Map is reportedly ready for Ranked Mode and accommodates 50 people.

On this occasion we will provide some unique facts about the Kalahari Map.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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Kalahari FF Update Makes Free Fire Map So Cool!

  1. Map that gets the first update on Free Fire

5 Leaks Free Fire Upcoming Update 2020 In Advance Server FF

This Kalahari Free Fire update is the first Map that appears in the Free Fire game. The point is the Map that appears because of the Update in the Free Fire game. Of course, this is the first thing that makes the Kalahari Map Unique.

Bermuda and Mad Dog maps have appeared since the beginning of this game, although it only took a few months to appear. Therefore, the Kalahari Free Fire Update is one of the maps that appears for the first time during the Update in this Free Fire game.

  1. Has had many new Places after being repaired

At the beginning of the appearance of the Kalahari Map, it only had 5 well-known locations and was a place to boot too. Not only that, this map only accommodates 20 players and the excitement is of course very lacking.

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Finally the Kalahari Map has been overhauled again and has received many changes. In this folder an additional Looting Location has been added, so that you can freely boot up. In the past, this map only accommodated 20 players, but it is rumored that later it will accommodate 50 players at once.

  1. Has Quite a Number of Bugs and Fixes Directly

New Kalahari FF Map on Free Fire Advanced Server!

The Kalahari Map appeared on the Advanced Server in December last year, in January it was finally released on the Original Server. Even though this is too fast, it has received a lot of positive responses from Free Fire players.

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Even though there were some players who played smoothly, there were also some players who experienced quite severe bugs in the Kalahari Free Fire Update. So that it reaps a lot of Negative Input to Garena Free Fire, so Garena immediately takes quick action to fix the Map.

  1. Free Fire Kalahari Update Inspired by the African Kalahari Desert

Map FF Kalahari Many BUG Finally Remove Free Fire

For just a little information, this Kalahari Map is inspired by the Kalahari Desert in Africa. The desert is arid and has its own challenges, so many players like this map even though it hasn’t been fully enjoyed.

So, those are some unique facts from the Kalahari Free Fire Map. How? Are you ready to play in this Kalahari Map?

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