KDA Event in Wild Rift, Will Come During Open Beta!

The KDA event in Wild Rift, will come during the open beta! League of Legends can no longer be denied about its popularity. Both in terms of games, esports, and also pop culture. How not, League of Legends even issued a virtual artist called KDA.

KDA is an idol group filled with champions from League of Legends. These champions were chosen by Riot as members of the KDA which was quite successful. Actually, a band or artist is not the only KDA that has been released by Riot. One of the most famous is Pentakill, a metal band belonging to League of Legends.

The champions who are members of KDA are Ahri, Akali, Evelynn, and Kai’sa. But apparently there is one more member, Seraphine. With a unique music style and also very easy to enjoy by many people. KDA is one of the most successful virtual artists today.

Here we will provide news about the KDA event at Wild Rift. It seems that the players do have to get ready and save up to buy Wild Cores. Because this skin will be limited, so you have to get this skin right away.

KDA Wild Rift event

Many of you may ask, in what context does Riot immediately launch the KDA event and even release the latest LoL champion directly to Wild Rift. The answer is easy, namely Worlds.

For those who don’t know, Worlds is the highest competition in LoL where almost all the best teams today will compete with each other to become world champions. Held once a year, this time at Worlds 2020, the chosen venue is Shanghai. Now it has something to do with the KDA event at Wild Rift.

It seems that as one of the best competition events at the moment, Worlds also holds a lot of events. One of them is KDA’s live performance on the biggest stage of LoL. Not only that, KDA also released an EP and also did not forget that Seraphine, who became the new champion, released a single as well.

This is the right moment to promote KDA and LoL Worlds to the Wild Rift players. This is because many Wild Rift players are not originally LoL players. With this KDA event, it could be the right marketing strategy to introduce KDA and Worlds to these new players.

Had a hiatus

Having been on hiatus for two years since the release of the MV “Pop / Stars”, this time KDA will return to the big stage. Previously, KDA had released “The Baddest” which was part of their latest EP. And Worlds this time will be an important thing for KDA and also Riot later.

With the right timing for the Wild Rift open beta, it will be the right moment to release KDA events and skins to the Wild Rift. If you don’t know, actually for other seasonal events like Pentakill, you can buy it at Wild Rift. For KDA you can wait for the next time.

That is information about the KDA event at Wild Rift. It will come when the beta opens and soon you will have to get ready. Surely this skin will be one of the coolest skins currently in Wild Rift.

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