Lag Problems in MCL Mobile Legends, Moonton Make Sure This!

We already know, every night of the week we always have one of the exciting matches in Mobile Legends. Yes, you must be participating in the MCL, but there are many lag problems in MCL Mobile Legends that really bother the players.

Regarding this, Moonton gave a serious response so that the future will be better. They try to make the players play their best without experiencing annoying lag problems.

MCL itself is the MLBB Championship League which is often presented every Saturday night or Saturday night at Mobile Legends. In the tournament, you will play randomly to win matches in Mobile Legends.

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Just like League in general, MCL also presents a variety of very attractive prizes for you to get. As a winner, you can get prizes in the form of interesting ingame items in Mobile Legends.

Not only that, the MCL also annually presents tournaments with cash prizes. For example, at the end of last year Moonton presented the MCL Bounty Rush which brought cash up to IDR 135,000,000.

That’s why you can play the Mobile Legends game while getting cash without even being a pro player. This will make the game even more exciting and of course very competitive and challenging.

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However, recently players have had lag problems when playing MCL in Mobile Legends. Until Moonton notified the players in taking the lag problem seriously.

“Lately, we have received a lot of feedback from some players that some networks become slow when they participate in the MCL. MLBB takes this problem seriously and seeks a solution.

In the future, we will optimize the Server Battle allocation mechanism in MCL to ensure the network quality of every participant who plays “

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Regarding this, Moonton will add a new mode “Network Upgrade” which functions to stabilize and improve the network connection of its players.

The second optimization, Moonton will also optimize the Fast Mode that previously existed in Mobile Legends to increase automatically in handling network fluctuations in the Mobile Legends game.

The third optimization, Moonton ensures that if you lose the match due to network problems, the system in Mobile Legends will compensate you based on the situation.

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It is very interesting to wait for the changes that will occur in the Mobile Legends game in the future. With this you can play safely without experiencing serious problems.

Not only that, Moonton will also present a new server specifically for use in MCL tournaments, so that the server is not heavy and of course it will be safe for you to play. So what do you think?