Latest Cheat Code Left 4 Dead 2 PC Console Command!

Left 4 Dead is an Action Survival Horror game that can be played together. This game requires you to run from the crowd of Zombies with a firearm as a weapon. You have 3 friends who can help you together. This time we will discuss about the Latest Cheat Left 4 Dead 2 PC Console Command 2020 that you can use.

In this game, there are not only a lot of zombies but also a lot of zombies who are very fierce with abilities that not just zombies have. You have to survive them. Some can jump on your shoulders, shoot Acid’s spit, Zombies that explode when shot, and others. This game is very fun when played with your friends. That way you can play together.

Cheat Left 4 Dead 2

This game has a feature called Console Command. This feature is usually used for Experiment materials. You can use it as a cheat as well in playing, and it can also be used to play together. Some of these cheats cannot be used in Single Player mode. If you want to play with cheats, you have to enter the game in a slightly different way. The following is how and a list of Cheat Left 4 Dead 2.


To enter the cheat, you must first enter the Console Command to enter the cheat. You can enter the Command Console by pressing a button [~]. then you on the main menu enter the following code

sv_cheat 1

the code to allow you to use the cheat.


After that, to play you don’t enter via the Single Player but through the Console Command. Here is the code that you can use to play where you want it.

Dead Center

  • map_c1m1_hotel
  • map_c1m2_streets
  • map_c1m3_mall
  • map_c1m4_atrium

Dark Carnival

  • map_m2c1_highway
  • map_m2c2_fairground
  • map_m2c3_coaster
  • map_m2c4_barns
  • map_m2c5_concert

Cheat Left 4 Dead 2 Swamp fever

  • map_m3c1_plankcountry
  • map_m3c2_swamp
  • map_m3c3_shantytown
  • map_m3c4_plantation

Hard Rain

  • map_m4c1_milltown_a
  • map_m4c2_sugarmill_a
  • map_m4c3_sugarmill_b
  • map_m4c4_miltown_b
  • map_m4_c5_milltown_escape

Cheat Left 4 Dead 2 The Parish

  • map_m5c1_waterfront
  • map_m5c2_park
  • map_m5c3_cemetery
  • map_m5c4_quarter
  • map_m5c5_bridge

That’s the place cheat that you can use in the console command on the main menu. To start from the beginning of the stage use the code that has a beginning map_m1c1_hotel , if you want to start at another stage please use another code

Steps for the cheat code LEFT 4 DEAD

Now we will present code that you can use while playing games. As before you have to press the button [~] to open the Console Command first then enter the code sv_cheat 1 to activate the cheat. The following is a collection of the many cheats that you can use.

  • god 1 – Immune mode
  • upgrade_add incendiary_ammo – Weapon upgrades have a burning effect
  • upgrade_add explosive_ammo – Weapon upgraphe has explosive
  • upgrade_add laser_sight – Weapon upgrade has Laser Sight
  • sv_infinity_ammo 1 – Weapons with unlimited bullets
  • give healt – fill the blood
  • give ammo – reload ammunition
  • give [nama benda] – to give you a specific item, for example: give rifle_ak47
  • z_spawn [nama zombie] – spawn zombies, for example: z_spawn witch
  • buddha 1 – can take damage but can’t die
  • kill – suicide
  • quit – quit the game

There are still many commands that you can use but they are not very useful compared to the commands above. to get a weapon with the give command, you can check the name of the weapon and enter it into the command.

That’s the Left4dead 2 cheat that you can use. You can use it when playing with your friends, but you cannot use it when playing single player.

Even so, the Cheat Left 4 Dead 2 console command is only used for experimental material and does not mean to mess up the game. You also can’t use it when playing online so don’t worry.