Latest Chronology of Listy Evos and Ericko Lim’s Scandal!

The Listy and Ericko Lim scandals that also dragged Jessica Jane and EVOS are certainly very interesting to discuss. It’s funny even because thanks to this problem, the perpetrators who were caught were having a lot of big problems. Of course there are still many who are confused about this matter how the chronology.

Actually, this problem is quite long considering the relationship between Ericko and Listy, who apparently had been playing and cheating Jane for a long time. Tarnishing a lot of names, the two are caught in a lot of trouble in their respective scenes.

The problem is Listy and Jane are big names in the Indonesian esports scene. Listy, a former EVOS Ladies player and Jessica Jane who is the younger sister of Jess EVOS, is the culprit here. Indirectly, Listy tarnished the good name of Jane, Jess, and EVOS as a whole. Being dishonorably kicked out, many thought that this wasn’t enough.


Initially this story was revealed by the victim, Jessica from her Instastory. This very critical information is disclosed to the public, of course, very attracts a lot of attention from other people. Initially, before the information was fully released, many were confused as to whether this information was true. As time goes by, the evidence seems more concrete.

From Jessica’s Instastory, it can be seen that she is already disappointed and tired of Listy, who is considered to be Ericko Lim’s affair. Of course, Ericko has the biggest responsibility here because he was the one who cheated on Jessica.

According to Jessica and other evidence, Ericko and Listy had often slept together and stayed with each other. Even indirectly there is little evidence that there is more between the two of them.


Having been proven guilty and being labeled the most at fault here, Ericko Lim certainly did not apologize. In his clarification released from Instagram, Ericko confirmed that he and Listy did have a relationship and had also broken up with Jessica. There is no circumvention, but Ericko also confirmed it. At first, Ericko said they were close as friends.


Ericko, who said that he and Listy were close as friends, was apparently granted counter argument from Jessica. Everything was revealed, from the video of the two of them sleeping together in bed without clothes to oral stories. It is said that from Jessica’s story, Ericko and Listy have done this and were even caught at home until Listy hid in the bathroom.


Of course, as a victim, Jessica got a lot of support here. He has received support from many parties, from friends, friends, family, and also netizens. He said that he had abandoned Ericko and Listy’s relationship and wished them the best.


Of this scandal, Listy was the most affected. Thanks to what he did, Listy was dishonorably kicked out and written off. Listy was issued by EVOS, which oversees him, as well as COC Computer and THANOSAUCTION which made Listy a Brand Ambassador.

Currently there has been no response from Listy who has private to his Instagram account.

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That is the information and chronology of the Listy scandal to date. Waiting for a response from Listy in the future, we will provide an update to you of course later. Also follow our social media on Instagram.


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