Latest FF Event Free Top Up Emote Free Fire, Keep Joged!

Getting here, of course, the updates that Garena has given to the Free Fire game are even more. Even the event that has now been presented is quite good and interesting. At this time, in Indonesia we have the bustling Booyah Lebaran Free Fire Event. So in this event, there are many interesting things that can be obtained.

So with that, all of you of course can’t miss the event this time. Because there are a lot of the latest Lebaran Event prizes now, so you basically can’t miss it. Where all these things, will be pretty good and interesting for you to get.

In order to make this game even better, of course Garena will present many other recent updates. That is why, there is a reason for the Free Fire Game to be maintained. Because doing this, of course, will make Free Fire even better.

For now, Garena has successfully provided many new things to the Free Fire game. All updates at Maintenance 7 May 2020 also brought many other new things. So now you can enjoy this game well.

All of the events presented by Garena were quite good and very interesting. Even now, there is a new event that is unique enough to complete. Because in this way, you can get a free emote.

On this occasion we will provide information on the event to all of you.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

Top Up Emote Shake It Up Free Fire Event

Yesterday we also had an event, where we can give prizes such as Free Blue Pring Incubator. But right now, Garena’s party is presenting a different event from before. Because in this latest event, you can get a free Emote.

Of course, the same as before, you have to Top Up and can get bonus prizes from the Top Up. For this event, you are allowed to Top Up not in the game. So use the services of an Online Shop or a trusted person, to do a Diamond Top Up.

Only 70 Diamond Free Fire Only

So that you can get a gift in the form of the Free Emote, you must be able to fill in as much as 70 Diamonds. Even if you can, more is not a problem. Later you too, can buy the best items in the Shop with the diamonds that have been filled in.

If you don’t know, Emote is a style that is in this Free Fire game. All games such as Android and PC, also have this system. Where later, the characters you use can use Emote.

If in this Free Fire game, there are Emote Sitting, Ride in a Rocking Car and many others. But in this event, the emote that can be obtained is Emote Dance Sake It Up. For dance, you can try it on Free Fire’s Strongest Female Character.

So that later, you can show a good style to these characters. So that it is not too often, it is considered and seen as scary by other players.

So, those are some of the information that we can convey on this occasion. How? are you ready to finish this event? Apart from that, there are some tips for counter AWM Free Fire now. That way, AWM’s ability is not good.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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