Latest FF Leaderboard Event on Free Fire

Get to know the Booyah FF Event on the latest Leaderboard in Free Fire, where there will be a variety of attractive prizes that you might be able to feel when participating in the event. Where is the event right now, of course there are a lot of advantages that are quite large. So that you will also be even better, to experience all these experiments, huh.

But knowing what will indeed be present in the Free Fire game right now is one of the most profitable things we can do later. That way, make sure to also know about the advantages of the Booyah Day Free Fire event, so that you can skip all the events that are being presented right now in the Free Fire game.

Moreover, you also need to try some other interesting things, where there is another event and you can give cool prizes too. Curious? let’s just look at the explanation in the article below.

Booyah Leaderboard Event

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For events like this, we can say that we are competing with many players to get total Booyah. In this part of the event, we can also see that there are a variety of cool prizes that we can get later. By participating in an event like this too, it is certain that you will have a variety of benefits that are quite large in the future.

Especially from the latest event right now, this Leaderboard will be a proof that Free Fire players are diligent in getting Booyah. For example, if you want to make your name in here, of course you will get a lot of Booyah in total. By doing this, you can automatically get the prizes that are here.

If, for example, you play to get the prize, try to get a top 100 rank. Because if not, then the other prizes and prizes won’t be too attractive for us to get either. In this event there are also 2 choices of Leaderboard Mode that you can use, first for Normal Booyah and secondly for Booyah Go.

Normal Booyah will give us a Top 100 Rank that we can receive from the acquisition of Booyan. You can get the Fashion Mode and Classic Battle Royale or from the Clash Squad too. The prizes given in this section are reportedly indeed rare, so you shouldn’t miss it later.

Booyah Go is the same as Normal, you can increase this Rank to Top 100 and get other interesting prizes. With what is presented in this section too, it is indeed a limited edition banner. Of course you can’t miss the event. Big profits will be what we can get, if we are really serious about participating in the event.

You also need to know some tips for getting Booyah in Free Fire, so that you can do the missions at the present event later. Where in all events like this too, it will definitely make you even better for the enthusiasm to play Free Fire later. Moreover, the Booyah event, is still going on for quite some time now.

It is not permissible to miss an event, especially what is happening right now. Know that if there is a Way to Get Candy Free Fire Tokens, this will be one of the most important exchange conditions. So you can’t miss the things and the excitement that comes up at the event right now.