Leaked Bundle Free fire LC Commander Boy FF Newest May 2020, Free?

Now the popularity of the Free Fire game is getting more and more days than before. In fact, it is also reported that Garena has prepared a Big Update for the future. So those of you who are still playing this game, of course, can feel that. You also have to know the advantages in the UAV Free Fire Zone right now.

Because in this zone, there are many things that are very good and very profitable. You can find out the location of the enemy, so that later you can catch it easily. If you want to be even better, just use Free Fire Character Combinations to make it even more deadly.

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For now alone, there are already a lot of characters who are present in the Free Fire game. All of these characters too, have a variety of different abilities. You also have to know the Secret Color of Character Skills, which have different meanings.

On May 7, the game Free Fire underwent its newest maintenance. Maintenance this time, is something commonly experienced by online games like Free Fire. Even for yesterday’s maintenance, it was welcomed despite experiencing various problems.

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The character bundle that is in Free Fire also has various types. Whether it’s Normal, Epic to Legend. So to get a bundle with that level, it takes different prices and methods.

On the current Brazil Server, there is a new Web Event which presents a new Bundle which is quite unique.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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LC Commander Bundle Comes to Brazil Free Fire Web Event

At first, we thought this Bundle would be present in the Diamond Royale or Mystery Shop. It turns out that all of that is different from what we thought, because the LC Commander Bundle was present at the Web Spin event. The difference is, this spin does not immediately give the Bundle.

You guys here, doing Spin must get the name Commander Hat Token first. The token will later fill in the Milestone prize section. So if Milestone is full and reaches 5 Commnader Hat Tokens, then the main prize can be obtained.

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You Must Collect Tokens

Besides having to collect Tokens, those of you who just Spin can get other interesting prizes. Apart from this, there are various kinds of unique prizes that are no less cool. But the prizes you get from spin, can’t be given right away.

You must enter the Bag icon section first, after that you are asked to choose the prize you want to get. You can, of course, throw away some of the gifts you already have or are not attractive. So that later, your Vault won’t fill up quickly either.

This is an event that is present at Free Fire Brazil, maybe later it will be presented globally in a different form. Even though it is different, the main prize in this event will remain the same. There has been no news when this event will be present, but forecasts for this May in Indonesia.

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So, those are some of the information that we can convey on this occasion. How? In addition to the information above, there are also some Best Shotgun Counting Tips now. Apart from that, you have to play well and correctly. Of course, you had to use the Best Weapon Combinations currently available.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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