Leaked FF Kill The Boss Free Fire Event

Now we have the Leaks for the Kill The Boss Free Fire Event, which is one of the best for you to try. In an event in the Free Fire game, it is quite good and very interesting. Of course, this of course will make us even better when competing and enjoying all the prizes that are given.

Especially in the future, you will definitely not forget, if from things like this there must be a lot of benefits too. All of these things are for the best, where the Latest Halloween Event Free Fire will be one of the magnificent events of the coming month. But for the latest leak now, we can get one of the coolest bundles later too.

Maybe this event can be followed by all players, so let’s just look at the explanation in the article below right now.

Leaks of the Kill The Boss Free Fire Event

Every event that is being presented now is quite good and definitely the most interesting for you to try too. Don’t forget that in this event, we now get another new leak. So for now there is a Kill Boss event leak, where we have to kill the boss using some of the best options later.

In this leak event, you will face it in the web event. This has proven, for example, it will use Diamond so we can join in. So for now, prepare first and get ready with lots of Diamonds later. Because of course you are too, you don’t have to be able to issue 100 Diamonds in the event later.

Boss Crush Event!

Try the Free Fire Top Up Tips, so you can join this event without spending any money. Now in this web event, the Boss will have 200 HP. If you want to get this cool prize, of course try to be able to kill the boss until his cellphone is 0. That way you will get a Bundle, on that boss, huh.

There are 3 choices of weapons that you can use, so that you can make the boss take great damage to be defeated. You can use Punch, MP40 and AWM to defeat the boss. With this choice too, there is an appearance and a measure of damage that we can give to the boss you are fighting.

For a blow the price is 1 Diamond and deals 0 to 200 Damage, MP40 costs 50 Diamonds to deal 3 to 200 Damage. Lastly is AWM, where this option costs 99 Diamonds and can get Damage from 10 to 200. For Punches and MP40, at the beginning of trying this event, the price is free just 1 time.

This bundle prize is still in the form of Fact 4, but maybe if in Indonesia it will be one of the bundles that will be present next. Maybe later the Free Fire Halloween Bundle will be presented at this event and we can get it using the Diamond.

Of course, don’t forget to read the Bundle Does Not Add Free Fire Stat, which has existed until now. Because of course, it would be quite a bad thing if this happened in this game, for example.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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