Leaked Skin for FF Deathbox Bomb during Free Fire

We can find out that there is a Deathbox Bomb Leak during Free Fire, which is a pretty interesting skin for us to try to get. Even though this is still in the form of a leak, you will only have the time and opportunity to know what the skin will look like first. Because surely if you already understand all of these things, it will definitely be better in the future.

Until now, in the Free Fire game there are still many new updates so we can try it. Because what is contained in this game, indeed it will bring benefits to all of us. Especially yesterday we were able to find 10 updates on December 7 Free Fire which were pretty cool. All of this is a preparation, for some new leaks later.

Especially for now we can find out the latest information, about updates and items that can be obtained while playing. Check out everything below right now.

Leaks of Deathbox Bomb during Free Fire

There are indeed a lot of items that are present in this game, especially if they are already in the problem of Leaks. Of course we can see that there will be another new skin, for that item called Deathbox too. Surely all new information like this, it will indeed give a lot of big profits for the Deathbox Skin in the next event later.

You could say that this new skin will be available when Pet Beaston Skin Es Free Fire arrives in the game. However, we cannot be sure of when all of these things will indeed be present in this game. But for the leaks that are already present now, we can make sure that they are ready to appear and just wait for their attendance.

When you kill the enemy successfully, the Deathbox will come out of the enemy’s body. You can take lots of Looting items from things like this, the Skin given to Deathbox has also been a pretty good leak. Because it’s very rare to have a skin, using the Time Bomb Theme right now.

It’s possible that this skin will be available for free at the latest event, but no one knows where the event came from and how to get it. For this appearance it looks like a small piece of Berangkas, but there is already a bomb attached to be ready to explode. Moreover, it has also been covered with thick ice, so it will be easier to open it using this method.

With all the new information now, you have to be ready and don’t forget to get the Death Box Skin later. Because what you can know is that the Event will bring huge profits. Because things like this, it will bring a cool appearance when you succeed when you kill enemies in the Free Fire game match.

After all, Skin Deathbox appears just right when it just managed to kill the enemy, but with a display like this it is quite interesting for us to try to feel later. Can show the enemy who died, if he was dealing with who used to be.

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