Leaks of the Latest Epic Skin for Angela in Mobile Legends (ML)

As usual, Moonto always presents the latest epic skins every month. After previously presenting the Granger skin as well as the Yi Sun Shin skin, this time there is a leak for Angela’s newest Epic skin in Mobile Legends.

Angela is one of the support heroes who is often played as an offlaner in Mobile Legends. This one hero has various advantages that you can play, one of which is being able to provide shields to high cellphone regen. Angela is the pure support hero who entered the meta, especially in the MPL ID Season 6 yesterday.

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide a leak for Angela’s newest skin, which is reportedly an Epic Limited skin in Mobile Legends. So here is the appearance and predictions of how you can get this skin.

Leaked Latest Skin for Angela in Mobile Legends

Moonton presents the latest skin for the Angela hero, which is most likely an epic skin with a very cool appearance. The appearance of Angela’s latest skin is quite similar to the skin that Luo Yi Tenko has. Which both skins have the same characteristic, namely there is an onimusha mask (a typical Japanese mask as an accessory.

At first glance, and you look at it, this skin is very similar to one of the villain in the anime Kimetsu No Yaiba named Spider Demon (Mother). Starting from the appearance and ability it has, which is able to control opponents with threads. This skin is certainly very cool when it is released later.

Angela’s hair is red and with make-up on her face which is quite spooky but looks cool. Do not forget the clothes that appear in a very cool Japanese style. The combination of red and white makes Angela’s newest epic skin very pretty and cool.

In the flower section, it has the same appearance as Angela but with a generally movable doll finish. Not only that, when Angela will enter the body of another hero, you will see a scroll with very cool Onimusha Mask accessories.

Reportedly Will Be An Epic Showcase Skin For December 2020

What’s interesting about Angela’s latest skin is that this skin doesn’t get official yet. But in the latest leak, it is reported that this skin will be one of the skins that you can get at the Epic Showcase event for the coming months.

Of course this is quite interesting, and this latest skin will get super cool animation later. So for those of you who are Angela users, this will be good news as well as the skin of Angela with the highest caste she has in Mobile Legends.

That’s it for this review about the latest skin leak from Hero Angela, which is said to be the latest epic limited skin at the Epic Showcase event. Hopefully this review can be useful especially for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers. Stay tuned!