Leaks of the Latest FF Royale Theme for Football Free Fire 2020

Until now, Free Fire is still one of the best games ever, even the game is also well developed. For now, the Free Fire game is also able to attract a lot of attention from players from other games. Because as we all know, this game has a quite unique type of battle royale. This time there is a Leak of the Latest FF Royale with the Football Free Fire Theme

So of course, the interest of other players to try this game is indeed enormous. The more you come here, the more crowded the game is for many people to play. So that Garena as the developer, will continue to present many interesting updates and events.

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Updates and events that have been presented up to now are all very good and very interesting to try. The features that are present in this game too, are all very good and you shouldn’t miss it.

There is even a feature called Royale, where you have to use Diamond or Gold to spin. Apart from that, you can also use a Ticket that is used in one of the available royals.

Of course, by doing the Royale, you will be able to get lots of attractive prizes in it. There are prizes in the form of Bundles, Weapon Skins and other attractive prizes. Of course this way, you won’t lose when doing Gacha Royale.

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Now on the Luar server there is the latest Royale which might be crowded too if it’s present in Indonesia.

On this occasion we will explain this information to all of you.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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The Latest FF Royale Theme Football Free Fire 2020

This royale is already present on the Brazilian Free Fire server, even the bundle prize provided is an old Bundle with a Sports theme. Of course this is the best opportunity for you, if you were late to get one of these bundles.

This way, you can get the sports bundles that have appeared in the past. There are even several bundles that have entered the Magic Shop. Wow, of course this is one of the best opportunities, of course.

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New Football Bundle Skins!

The Sports Bundle, which is the main prize, was present in Gold Royale at that time. For example, like Rugby and Basketball, even others have also appeared in Gold Royale.

At the Royale this time, you can get the prize by doing Spin Royale. Not only that, you will be provided with 2 options for Spinning. First is Spin 1 Time using 300 Gold and Second is Spin 10 Times using 3000 Gold.

If you use Spin 10 times, then the chances of getting one of the bundles can of course be even greater. Even on external servers, there have been several people who have gotten 3 Bundles in the 10 Spin.

So of course, when you arrive in Indonesia, you shouldn’t miss it.

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So, those are some information on the Latest Royale FF, Football Free Fire 2020 Theme that we can convey on this occasion. How? Are you ready for Spin Royale?

Not only this information, you can also try the best Free Fire Characters in April 2020. In addition, there are characters who are suitable for sniper weapons in the Free Fire game.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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