Leaks of the Latest Hanzo Jigoku Shura Skin in Mobile Legends (ML)

Hanzo is one of the annoying assassin heroes in Mobile Legends, this one hero can steal buffs very easily both opponents and friends, but especially for those of you who are Hanzo users, you will get the latest super cool Hanzo skin with Jigoku Shura on Mobile. Legends.

Hanzo is a quite unique assassin hero, this one hero has 6 active skills and one passive skill which makes it quite difficult to play in Mobile Legends, many Hanzo users use this one hero as an excellent offlaner and rusher to target the opponent’s defense line, Hanzo. able to attack from a very long distance without getting a counter attack from the opponent.

On this occasion, Esportsku will share the latest skins that will be given to the Hanzo fighter hero under the name Jigoku Shura, this new skin is likely to be in Epic or Limited class and will be available in the upcoming update on Mobile Legends. What does the new skin look like?

New Skin for Hanzo Jigoku Shura in Mobile Legends

The newest skin of Hanzo Jigoku Shura has a very bad appearance, this skin looks like a devil from hell who is ready to kill anyone his opponent. Hanzo has a character like a large swordsman and a small but muscular body, a deep black red aura that also does not escape the appearance of this new Hanzo Jigoku Shura skin.

Hanzo’s appearance is quite similar to one of the characters in the Naruto series named Zabuza, this can be seen in the appearance of the character and the large sword he is holding, the use of a gas mask also shows quite the similarities between these two characters but is packed with a new model so that it looks different.

The whole skin color of Hanzo itself is dark gray with red hair and the light from a large round necklace that shines bright red makes the impression on Hanzo Jigoku Shura is very scary. You will see iron armor on the hands and a large red sword that has a red light as if it had been struck by a fire for a long time.

The dark shadow animation also gives a bad impression on the Hanzo Jigoku Shura skin, and most likely this skin will have an Epic caste or above, with this cool appearance, unfortunately we don’t have any leaks when the Hanzo Jigoku Shura skin will be released. just need to wait for the complete information if it has been officially leaked by Moonton.

Now that’s all for the latest appearance of the Hanzo Jigoku Shura skin which will certainly make you very curious, especially for Hanzo users in Mobile Legends. Hopefully, the presence of the reviews above can be useful for all of you and don’t forget to keep visiting our website for the latest information about the Mobile Legends game!