Learning to be Human From Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Cloud Characters

Final Fantasy has been one of the most popular games in the world for the past 20 years. Various types and names of games are milling about here and there, but Final Fantasy always has a place in the heart. Apart from visuals and adventures, here you can learn to be human.

One of the most memorable in Final Fantasy is Cloud Strife. The main character of this game can’t be forgotten. The straighter yellow hair and the Buster Sword were very characteristic. So boy

Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy VII Remake is also not far from the impression that has been around so far. With a better visual appearance, the Cloud image is stronger than in previous games. Apart from visuals, one of the things that really impresses Final Fantasy VII and Cloud Strife is Cloud’s background and life motivation.

As a character who is imaged as a good person, Cloud actually has a bad background. If you don’t want to say it’s really cruel. Just imagine, when his mother left him when he was little, then his best friend was killed by his own group. In the end he became a mercenary.

In the beginning Cloud acted with money motivation. Yes, typical of a mercenary, no matter good or bad. Anyway there is cuan there. But apparently, the passage of time made several changes in Cloud. If you pay close attention, here are some changes in Cloud’s character with the reasons:

Girls and romance

Everything changes when Cloud takes on his role. It turns out that the mission to destroy the Shinra Company is not as easy as planned. Cloud’s change begins to feel right when he meets Tifa, the girl’s little friend of Cloud.

Tifa and several girls who stopped in Cloud’s life made a change in Cloud’s mindset. Moreover, apart from meeting Tifa, Cloud met Aerith. These two girls had a very deep influence on Cloud.

Cloud is not a hero of the world

All of Cloud’s motivations for actions so far have almost nothing to do with the world. Cloud only feels fighting for the sake of protecting those closest to him. Cloud is willing to fight only to protect Tifa, Aerith, or his memories of Zack and his own mother.

Cloud is not chasing cuan anymore

Cloud’s true self starts to emerge when he has to fight with a sincere motivation. That’s why when the big explosion made Cloud disappear, there were feelings in Cloud about many things. From the question of the mother, Zack, Tifa, or Aerith.

However, because the ending of Final Fantasy VII was so sketchy, in the end there were lots of interpretations in circulation. But what is clear, Cloud has felt the journey of a human. From those who just think about cuan, to think about the love of friends and family.

Final Fantasy VII Remake doesn’t just think about visuals and combat. There is a story about human relations in this game. Believe me, you must try playing this game. At least so you know what it feels like to be Cloud, the lonely warrior who can finally find his true self.

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