Let’s Peek at the Cosplay of Fortune’s Power PUBG Mobile!

This season PUBG Mobile presents a special cosmetic item with a royal theme, namely Fortune’s Power. This time, PUBG Mobile presented a Fortune’s Power cosplay suit featuring beautiful cosplayers in elegant costumes.

PUBG Mobile Season 17 Runic Power brings interesting innovations to this battle royale game. Two major modes, namely Runic Power and Power Armor. These two modes present new game modes.

Runic Power is a big theme this season. The Royale Pass Season comes with the theme of Runic Power. That’s why this season is called Season 17 Runic Power.

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A set of PUBG Mobile’s Fortune’s Power Outfit Set

This Royale Pass Season comes with a royal knight-style theme with a luxurious and elegant look. Seeeeelain exclusive cosmetic items that are present at the Royale Pass, this season also presents other exclusive cosmetic items.

One of the things that caught the eye was the presence of a set of Fortune’s Power outfit which contained 4 outfits in it. These four sets of outfits are available until February 21st today!

It is said that the four characters from Fortune’s Power came from two kingdoms. It can be seen from the color theme chosen by the kings and queens of the two kingdoms.

Cosplay of Fortune’s Power PUBG Mobile Suit

  Fortune's Power cosplay suit

At the end of the availability period for this Fortune’s Power outfit set, PUBG Mobile presented cosplay of these Fortune’s Power characters.

There are two characters who get cosplay, namely the characters of Fortune’s Power queens. Here is a look at the cosplayers who played Fortune’s Power characters.

1. Queen of Riches

  Fortune's Power cosplay suit

  Fortune's Power cosplay suit

Maybe 1 person closeup

2. Bewitching Enchantress

  Fortune's Power cosplay suit

  Fortune's Power cosplay suit

No photo captions available.

The pictures of Fortune’s Power cosplay above are taken from PUBG Mobile’s official social media accounts, namely from Instagram PUBG MOBILE ID and from Twitter. PUBG MOBILE.

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That is information about the Fortune’s Power cosplay suit that comes at the end of the availability period, as is the Fortune’s Power outfit set that ends today. Therefore, immediately get the four Fortune’s Power outfit sets today.

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