List of All Roster Who Played in PMPL ID Season 2!

It has already started, the grand tournament in the PUBG Mobile Pro League Indonesia game has announced all the roster lists that will play in PMPL ID Season 2. These players are ready to compete to determine the champion in the hottest league at the moment.

There will be 16 teams that will compete in PMPL ID Season 2 this time, each team is filled with 4 or 5 players with their respective roles. Of course, the names from the roster that will play on PMPL ID Season 2 are quite interesting to know.

On this occasion we will provide a list of all the rosters who will play in the prestigious PUBG Mobile tournament in Indonesia, namely PMPL ID Season 2 which will be held right today 14 August 2020. Now for those of you who are curious about the roster who will play in PMPL ID Season 2, here’s the story.

List of Roster Playing in PMPL ID Season 2!

List of All Roster Who Played in PMPL ID Season 2!

There will be 16 teams that will play, along with a list of Roster who will defend their favorite team in the PMPL ID Season 2 championship.

Alter Ego Esports

  • Leader: Drbadru
  • Carry: Smithh
  • Flex: Requiem
  • Rusher: Martin

Dranix Avenger

  • Rusher: Mozzad, Cryzen, Botz
  • Scout / Support: Ceees
  • Sniper / Support: Ucup

Voin 2K

  • Leader: Dabs
  • Rusher: Aimbot, Tyran
  • Support: Hulk

RRQ Ryu: PMPL ID Season 2

  • Leader: Dron
  • Carry: Nerpekko
  • Scout: Voldemort
  • Support: Warunk
  • Carry / Support: Mildway

NFT Esports

  • Leader / Flanker: Masgaga
  • Observer: Flippy
  • Rusher / Flanker: Knight
  • Rusher: Leo, Fallen, Palagimpe

Nara Esports

  • Leader / Scout: Maybe
  • Support / Sniper: Joyss
  • Rusher: Zerotwo, Mile
  • Marksman: Frost

BonaFide King

  • Leader: Rewindo
  • Rusher: Zulhaq
  • Scout: Hitman

Bigetron RA: PMPL ID Season 2

  • Sniper / Support: Luxxy
  • Leader / Scout: Zuxxy
  • Sniper: Alice
  • Rusher: Ryzen
  • Rusher / Support: Microboy


The Pillars Slayer

  • Leader: Bobobo
  • Rusher: Lumpy, ONta
  • Support: Aregenta
  • Scout: Bangkhuz

Siren Esports

  • Leader: Moxpey
  • Rusher: Antem
  • Support: Justpays, Ekozu
  • Carry: Audry

Victim Sovers

  • Leader / Scout: Banyu, Moldyyy
  • Marksman / Sniper: Cisun
  • Rusher: Dawn, Miseryy
  • Marksman: Jughead

EVOS Esports

  • Leader: Morpheus
  • Rusher: Foxe, Lyzerg
  • Support: EXC

Aerowolf Limax: PMPL ID Season 2

  • Leader / Scout: Hazelnuts
  • Rusher: Superunaa, Potato
  • Support: SPAOV
  • Scout / Support: Renalre

Island of Gods

  • Rusher: Rancid, Kunyet
  • Support: F2R, Eston, Olys

Geek Fam

  • Scout: Datmosh
  • Support: Bubuu, Alvirlo
  • Rusher: Mort
  • Carry: Tomz

Onic Esports

  • Leader: Matthew
  • Rusher: Nikk
  • Support: Kent413
  • Sniper: Cleon
  • Flex: Kape

Aura Esports

  1. Carry: Steve
  2. Support: Keshi
  3. Leader: Jayden
  4. Rusher: Roses

Six Nine Esports

  • Leader: Bonengg
  • Rusher: Trixie
  • Sniper: Viel
  • Scout / Support: Hanz

Boom Esports

  • Scout / Support: Ikyar
  • Semi Carry: Ramones, Voker
  • Rusher: Svafvel
  • Fragger: Bobbs

Red Rocket

  • Leader: Kingzz
  • Rusher: Haki
  • Scout: Heroes
  • Support: Sugar, Quancorii
  • Carrry: Rocky

So, those are the rows of all the rosters that will play in the PMPL ID Season 2 tournament which will take place today. Surely those of you who are fans of the PUBG Esports game are no longer curious, isn’t it for the list of players who will play on PMPL ID Season 2 this time?

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