Lucio will be a good support in Heroes Of The Storm

Lucio has just announced which, as the newest Overwatch character, will be one of the supports on HOTS. What is more important, finally HOTS also updates its newest support hero! It’s been a while since Blizzard added hero support to HOTS, although fans really wanted Russian Starcraft Character to be included in the game, but they are still happy about this one update.

Let’s see what Lucio’s abilities and talents are!


Wall Ride (D)

When moving together through the Obstacle, Lucio can walk through other units, adding 20% ​​movement speed.

Basic Abilities:

Soundwave (Q)

This triangular-shaped ability can inflict damage to the enemy and knock the enemy back.

Crossfade (W)

Can play two more which will be able to give a friend’s hero a speed boost and healing boost within a large enough radius. Activate Crossfade to change tracks.

Healing boost: Adds a small amount of HP to Lucio and to teammates.

Speed ​​boost: Added movement speed from Lucio and friend heroes near Lucio.

Amp It Up (E)

Increase the volume of the Crossfade for 3 seconds, increase the speed boost, increase the 45% movement speed, and significantly increase the healing rate boost.

Heroic Abilities:

Sound Barrier (R)

After 1 second, Lucio and his closest friend heroes will get a massive shield for 6 seconds.

Reverse Arm (R)

Increases the Lucio Crossfade track for 4 seconds, can increase the healing rate and deal damage to enemies and speed boost, slow movement speed by 45%, and lasts as long.

Passive: increases the duration of Amp It Up by 4 seconds.


Hero Level (Tier)



1 (1)

[W] We Move Together

Increases movement speed by 20% (from 15%)

1 (1)

[E] Maximum Tempo

Quest: Fulfill 5 enemy heroes while the speed boost is active. Reward: Increase speed boost by 60%.

1 (1)

[Trait] Accelerando

Increases Movement speed from Wall Ride 20% to 40% for more than 4 seconds, and will last for Wall Riding movement speed bonus.

1 (1)

[Trait] Slip

Increases the movement speed bonus from the Wall Ride to 70% for 1 second when near or past enemy heroes.

4 (2)

[Q] Subwoofer

Increases Soundwave knockback by up to 50%, based on how close the enemy is to you.

4 (2)

[Q] Off the Wall

If you hit an enemy hero while using a Wall Ride, it will reduce the cooldown by 3 seconds.

4 (2)

[Q] Chase the Bass

Quest: After hitting 20 enemy heroes using Soundwave, it will increase the arc by 50%, and the range will increase by about 20%.

7 (3)

[W] Block Party

Quest: After giving aura for 8 minutes to a friendly hero, will increase the radius by 25%.

7 (3)

[E] Loudspeaker

If when you give aura to 2 or more friend heroes when you cast Amp It Up, increase the radius by 50% for the duration.

7 (3)

[Active] Boombox

Can put wards on the ground that can be destroyed and give the aura of Crossfade and Amp It Up to closest friend heroes (aura cannot be stacked). 20 seconds cooldown max 1.

10 (4)

[R1] Sound Barrier

After a 1 second delay, give your hero and friend’s hero a comprehensive X point shield from 0 to 6 seconds.

10 (4)

[R2] Reverse Amp

If your Crossfade track is in a speed boost position, it will slow down the closest enemy hero by 40% for 3 seconds. If your Crossfade is in the healing boost position, it will deal damage to the enemy hero per second for 3 seconds.

13 (5)

[W] Beat Mixing

Get a permanent X point shield for 1.5 seconds every track change, every track shield change cannot stack with the previous shield.

13 (5)

[Trait] Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

When you get the Wall Riding movement speed bonus, you cannot dislow and root it.

13 (5)

[Trait] Hard Style

Get 25 armor when getting Wall Riding movement speed boost, reducing damage by 25%.

13 (5)

Back in the Mix

Will get a heal to your hero after coming out of stun, silence, and static from the enemy. This effect can only be used once every 10 seconds.

16 (6)

[Q] Heliotropics

Soundwaves gives Blind to enemy heroes for 2.5 seconds.

16 (6)

[E] Rejuvenescencia

When Amp It Up is active, the Crossfade healing boost will provide an additional heal of 3% of the maximum target HP per second.

16 (6)

[W] Bring it Together

If you give aura to 2 or more heroes while casting Amp It Up, the duration of the Crossfade healing boost will increase by 40%.

16 (6)

[E] Up the Frequency

Amp It Up’s mana cost is reduced to 80 from 100. And will reduce the cooldown of Amp It Up if you do a normal hit to an enemy hero.

20 (7)

[R1] Bossa Nova

Reduced the cooldown of Sound Barrier to 30 seconds. But the shield decreased to more than 4 seconds (from 6 seconds).

20 (7)

[R2] Nonstop Remix

The duration of the Reverse Amp will be paused when it hits 2 enemy heroes.

20 (7)

[E] Encore

Using a Crossfade when Amp It Up is used will restore the cooldown of the Amp It Up.

20 (7)

[E] Synaesthesia Auditiva

Casting Amp It Up will remove all stun, slow, and root effects to the closest friend’s hero and to Lucio himself.