Lulubox Free Fire (FF) How to Download APK & Use it in 2020

Lulubox FF Mod APK is an application where you can use Garena Free Fire to open existing skins. This lulubox mod apk application can used in the Mobile Legends game or Free Fire. However, this can be said to be illegal and has its own risks.

The Lulubox application has become one of the most well-known applications among Mobile gamers in Indonesia, especially for those of you who don’t want to have trouble playing the Free Fire game and want to quickly get skills in Free Fire for free.

This can also make your game cooler because you don’t need to spend any money to top up Free Fire diamonds. Surely many players are interested in using this application for Free Fire right? On this occasion we will provide some tutorials for you on how to use the Lulubox MOD APK for this Free Fire game.

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And there are other things too, that this application is not only for games like Free Fire, but Mobile Legends and PUBG Mobile games can also use this one application to be able to open skins for free.

Lulubox FF Mod APK Use in Garena Free Fire

The lulubox free fire application has the main features that you can get. You can Manage your games that are in the game list. The lulubox free fire application has more than one plug-in that can be used in the game. For the Lulubox FF Mod APK design and interaction, it is very easy to use. Finally, in lulubox free fire you can increase your game and rank

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The list of games that successfully use the Lulubox application in addition to the Free Fire game to open skins for free includes the game, then there is Subway Surf, PUBG Mobile is also included in this lulubox apk list, and the last we have discussed is Mobile Legends lulubox

Download the LULUBOX APK MOD application

You can download this application on the following page By using this Lulubox FF Mod APK application. You can also share various plug-ins with other players. (This applies to those of you who already understand and have special abilities in making Plug In).

Not only that, you will also get security when playing because until today Lulubox users are still difficult to detect by Garena. But just in case, don’t use it on your main account, because the risk of getting banned still exists.

How to use the Lulubox MOD APK Free Fire application

Actually, these applications cannot be used in Indonesia, although there are some that can be used without using a VPN too. Even so, you don’t need to worry because you can still use it with Hola VPN.

You just need to follow this fairly easy method. Only by downloading the Lulubox application, you can immediately install this APK. Of course, you have to use a VPN so that it can open immediately because Lulubox cannot be used in Indonesia. VPN or DNScrypt can be your solution.

When it’s finished installing, all you have to do is enter the Lulubox application and activate it. After that exit, then turn off the VPN and enter Free Fire. After entering Free Fire, you just have to play as usual.

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In the game, you can actually buy any item in the shop. Try going into the shop and buying all the things you want. If you can’t, then there is a wrong step you did before. Please try again later. You can buy all the skins in the shop and you can even use them right away. Quite fast and not riber using Lulubox.

But this has not been confirmed whether it has been fixed or not. Most likely it is, so you can’t use this method anymore. It is only natural that it has been fixed because Lulubox Free Fire is already very popular and Free Fire cannot allow such abuse to continue.

Fines for Using Lulubox

If you are caught using this application, you will be subject to a hefty fine. Your account will be permanently banned, therefore you cannot use this account anymore. So if you use this application, you cannot use your account again.

Then Can You Anti Ban?

Of course not. Because, anti-cheats in Free Fire will always be updated, so you can’t use this cheat continuously, also accounts that use this cheat so you can’t play anymore. So you better think again, if you want to use this tool.

Always remember that your account will have a lot of risks when using Lulubox. Therefore use it wisely or use this article as your learning tool. Don’t play cheating and be honest when playing so that you don’t get reciprocated. Because completely all your actions have consequences. If you use illegal 3rd party tools like Lulubox Free Fire, of course there will be other negative things for you.

Try Not To Use Illegal 3rd Party Tools

Of course, Garena has announced several times that the use of illegal applications and 3rd party tools can get you banned. It can only be banned for a while and of course it can be banned permanently. Therefore, just play honestly and don’t use 3rd party tools to avoid bad things.

Those are some of the ways you can use Lulubox in the Free Fire game. Even so, we remind you once again not to use it on your main account if in doubt, even though it is difficult to detect, the risk of being banned still exists.

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