Mage Burst Mobile Legends, High Damage as Core ML

Mage in Mobile Legends is a role that has very high damage. In early and midgame, mage is the role of the most active mobile legends because that’s the peak of their power spike. With their high damage, it’s not advisable to try to fight mages at this time. If you play as a core, always avoid it if you can definitely fight the mage.

There are so many mage roles in Mobile Legends, one of which we will talk about is mage burst. Mage burst is the most common role in Mobile Legends. The reason is that mages are generally designed as hero bursts, they have the task of shutting down late game heroes in the early and mid games with the assassins. With this their job as a space provider to their core is quite important.

Here we will discuss about mage burst in Mobile Legends. Has high damage and can kill opponents in an instant, of course the mage burst hero is a hero that cannot be underestimated. This makes them heroes to avoid if you don’t have the answers in the early and mid game.


This type of mobile legends mage role generally has high damage that can be executed quickly. Usually you only need to issue skills and in an instant the damage received by the enemy is very large. For early, this type of hero is very strong and the damage given is usually very large scaling from his skill.

But later it will be difficult to adjust to the damage later. Because, Damage Burst usually only has great damage but doesn’t have a good follow up. That is, if you have already taken out all your existing skills, there is nothing else you can do other than hitting with a basic attack. Besides that, you are waiting for the skill CD. But usually the AoE skill is big enough to make up for the shortcomings.

Having very high damage and indeed very difficult to contain, they are very suitable to be played as the main damage dealer. Their high damage certainly comes not without its downsides. Most of the mage burst heroes in Mobile Legends don’t have good survivability and escape skills. Therefore they can be called types glass cannon.


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In Mobile Legends, AoE damage is a type of damage that is somewhat difficult to overcome. The reason is that AoE damage heroes are very deadly in team fight because they are heroes who can inflict high damage even to the entire team. Very high damage and wide area make these heroes easily become the highest damage heroes in the game.

Their build items are generally very similar to other mage heroes. By focusing on their burst damage like Lightning Truncheon and Holy Crystal they can maximize their high damage.


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High damage, strong finisher capability, and very deadly when fighting many squishy heroes make the assassin burst hero as one of the heroes that cannot be underestimated. They are heroes who can be considered as heroes who have high damage but unfortunately they are very easy to kill. It takes a lot of calculations when playing with these assassin mage heroes.

Their core items are almost similar to the usual assassin brust mage heroes. Genius Wand and lifesteal like Concentrated Energy will be very important items. The reason is by increasing their burst, lifesteal is also very important as a sustain which will be useful later when ganking and team fight.


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Often said to be a walking fountain, it is perfect for these heroes. They have the highest damage of all role mages because they have full offensive damage skills, but they are also the weakest hero and are easily killed.

Their core items of course have full damage which will increase their damage scaling very high. Some defensive items like Winter and Lifesteal aren’t so bad either.

That’s the explanation of the mage burst heroes in Mobile Legends. Cannot be underestimated, making them often the top priority to be killed by the opposing team.