Mage Reap Mobile Legends, Easy for 1VS1 in ML!

Of the several mages in Mobile Legends, there are some who are very annoying and make it difficult for opponents. These heroes are mage reap, where their damage has a high enough range and is strong as poke and harass, besides that they also have equally high damage. Mage reap mobile legends will often dominate the running of the laning phase and are also quite annoying when team fight. This is because the mage reap can provide continuous damage from a fairly safe place.

It’s a little less effective if played solo is the main drawback of mage reap mobile legends. The reason is because these heroes need high enough protection in order to give them high damage later. Unlike burst, reap has damage that is more suitable to be said as DPS poke. This is because even though the damage they do is not too high, their damage output is quite stable.

Here we will provide an explanation of the mage reap in Mobile Legends. Heroes who are very annoying and have high enough damage are often the main problem for the opposing team. This mobile legends role must be locked quickly so that they don’t become a problem later.


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This type of mobile legends mage role has skills that can attack enemies from afar and do 1 vs 1 easily. With a skill that can attack the enemy continuously and kite well. This mage’s damage cannot be underestimated. You could be forced to retreat to the base because your blood was squeezed by this mage. So Mage Reap can take the mid lane and can also take the off-lane.

This hero is also usually equipped with high burst damage, but the damage reap is more dominant. With damage that can reach from a distance and attack the enemy many times without approaching him, making this hero very feared on the lane.


Damage from heroes is quite diverse. They can provide many types of output damage which have their respective advantages. One of them is the mage reap ramp. As the name implies, ramp means their damage will continue to increase as the game progresses. This makes them one of the most dangerous heroes in the laning phase or during a long team fight.

These heroes will usually increase their damage even higher with magic items. In addition, these heroes also need a lifesteal so they can last a long time in battle.


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Full damage without stopping, yes, even their high reap damage is like a burst for each attack. These heroes don’t even really need a lot of magic damage items. Their damage can go out continuously without stopping and of course it is very high. These are the heroes who are very dangerous in the game because they can provide the highest output.

Quite a few utility items such as slow, burn, and CDR are enough because their damage is already high. This is so they can at least help other team members with their consistent damage.


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With a high skill range and also being able to cover a large area, of course these heroes are very valuable. In the laning phase they can deal very high damage, but their main thing is harass and zoning. Of course it is very dangerous because in addition to laning, they can take care and guard the area when teamfight.

Usually buying CDR items and some sustain and damage will make these heroes a major nuisance. Their harass and poke are also not playing games because it really annoys the opponent.

That’s an explanation of the very strong and disturbing mage reap heroes. High damage and can cover a wide area, of course this can help other members of your team.